BadKat C40 TM – Line 6 HX Patches (Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go)


Line 6 HX (Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go) patches featuring our Bad Cat Cub III 40 amplifier. For this patch, we’ve tone matched the HX units to the actual amplifier, resulting in patch that sounds almost exactly like the amp. Includes custom made Impulse responses, options for single coil and humbucker guitars, stomp-box and snapshot layouts, and more.



This download includes two patches as well as the IR cabs for Line 6 Helix, HX Stomp, and POD Go. The patches are:

  • BadKatC40 WT TMs – This patch uses the IR’s and is meant for guitars with single coils or low output humbuckers
  • BadKatC40 WT TMh – This patch uses the IR’s and is meant for guitars with more traditionally voiced humbuckers
  • NOTE: The HX Stomp and POD Go folders include ‘FX” patches. These patches include the additional effects blocks from the full Helix patch.
  • POD Go cannot run dual amps, so we’ve included separate ‘AX’ and ‘EF’ patches with a single amp/IR block. Use the ‘AX’ IR with the ‘AX’ patch, and the ‘EF’ IR with the ‘EF’ patch.


For this preset, we tone-matched the our Bad Cat Cub III 40 amplifier into the HX Line 6 units. To do this we created a custom impulse response that matches the stock HX amp model(s) to our actual amp. These impulse responses completely transform the HX amp models – they sound exactly like our Bad Cat, and the microphones, preamps, and EQ chain that we use to record it.

This patch includes Tone Matches of both channels of the Bad Cat – the 12ax7 channel and the EF86 channel. The 12ax7 channel has more chime and brilliance – it sounds more like a Top Boost AC30. The EF86 channel has more low-mid response and sounds thicker, but still has a ton of chime and bite.

By default, the patch includes both the 12ax7 channel and EF86 channel in a stereo configuration (POD Go has separate patches for each channel). This is sort of like jumping the amp (which isn’t actually possible with the real amp). If you would like just the 12ax7 channel to be represented in the patch, simply copy and paste the top amp and IR blocks into the bottom amp and IR blocks. If you would like just the EF86 channel to be represented in the patch, simply copy the bottom amp and IR blocks into the top amp and IR blocks. 


  1. Input
  2. Compressor
  3. Pitch (POG)
  4. Drives: KOT, 808, Fuzz
  5. Volume – mapped to EXP 2
  6. Tremolo
  7. Delays: 1/8 delay, Dotted 8th delay, Dual stereo delay
  8. Chorus
  9. Reverbs: Hall (subtle), Dynamic Hall (huge)
  10. Amp
  11. IR (Tone Match)
  12. EQ
  13. Solo Boost
  14. Output


  • Snapshot 1: CLEAN. This is the base clean tone with delay.
  • Snapshot 2: DRIVE. Light overdrive.
  • Snapshot 3: DRIVE +: Bigger overdrive
  • Snapshot 4: P&W LEAD – Lead tone with lots of reverb and delay
  • Snapshot 5: AMBI CLEAN – Ambient Clean tone
  • Snapshot 6: 80s CLEAN– Clean tone with chorus
  • Snapshot 7: FUZZ – Big gain fuzz tone
  • Snapshot 8: SWELLS – Big ambient swells


  • Snapshot 1: CLEAN. Base clean tone
  • Snapshot 2: DRIVE. Stage 1 drive tone
  • Snapshot 3: P&W LEAD. Lead tone with lots of delay and verb
  • Snapshot 4: AMBIENT. Ambient clean tone

NOTE: The HX Stomp patches do not include Snapshots


Initial Release (1.0): 2022-05-28


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