Fender Bassman (1963) – Quad Cortex Captures and Presets


Captures and presets of our 1963 Fender Bassman amplifier. Available in the Cortex app (labeled ‘WT 63 B-Man Tx’)


This is the highly sought-after 6G6-B circuit. It’s known as a Tuxedo (hence, the ‘Tx’) amp because for just under a year from late ’63 to early ’64, Fender produced this 6g6-B brown-panel circuit but put a black panel on the amp before they transitioned completely to the ‘black panel’ lineup in 1965. This Bassman is also unique due to the Presence control.

Download these captures and presets for free on the Cortex app – these are called ‘WT ’63 B-Man Tx’


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