Vox AC30/6 TB (2002) – Quad Cortex Captures and Presets


Captures and presets of our ’02 Vox AC30/6 Top Boost. Available in the Cortex app (labeled ‘WT AC30-6 TB’)


This is an ’02 Korg-era Vox AC30/6 Top Boost (made in the UK). These are essentially re-creations of the mid-60’s Top Boost AC30’s. They feature the Brilliant and Normal channels. Our came stock with two Alnico Blue speakers, but we replaced one of the speakers with a vintage 1960’s Alnico Silver, which sounds fantastic.

We’ve captured both the Brilliant and Normal channels of the amp using a Royer 121 and Earthworks SR25 through a stereo Neve 1073 preamp.

Download these captures and presets for free on the Cortex app – these are called ‘WT AC30-6 TB’


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