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Bumper Music is perfect for times like announcements, offering, communion, prayer, etc. Available in a variety of styles to suite your church culture, and every set comes in all 12 keys, which allows you to create seamless transitions from other musical elements of your service.


FAQs about Bumper Music

How can I use it?

You will be able to use bumper music without restriction in your worship services – no need to display copyright information. You are free to use it any way you’d like in a live environment as well as streaming (if you stream your service to multiple campuses or an online service. You may not use it to create content that will be sold (as backing music for videos, audio, etc). If you would like to use Bumper Music to create content that will be widely distributed (YouTube, Vimeo, etc), please contact us first.

What will I get?

You will get a .zip package containing 12 mp3’s – one mp3 for each key (more on this later). MP3 files are playable in a huge variety of hardware and software – it will easily integrate into your existing workflow.

How do I use it in my services?

Bumper Music is simply an mp3 file, so you can use it however you want as most audio apps can support mp3 playback.

We love to use Bumper Music inside of ProPresenter. Here is a video showing how to do that.

You can also use it from your phone with any mobile app that supports mp3’s. Here is how to use it in the WT Director iOS app.These videos show how to do it with Pads, but the process is exactly the same.

Can I download Bumper Music directly to my phone or mobile device?

No – unfortunately Apple does not support this. But getting Bumper Music on your phone is simple – just download and extract the .zip file after purchasing, and then add the files to iTunes and sync to your phone. Here’s a video showing how to do that. The video shows how to do it with Pads, but the process is exactly the same.

How long is the track?

About three minutes long. We feel this is the perfect length for announcements and other spoken elements in a worship service. If your announcements last more than 3 and a half minutes, it may be time to trim them down :). But Bumper Music is easily loop-able.

Why all 12 keys?

We made Bumper Music in every key because we needed it in our services. We feel this is essential, and this sets up apart from other backing track providers. When crafting an excellent worship service, being able to match the key from one element to the next is essential. This lets you have bumper music during announcements in the key of D that flow right into the next song in the key of D.

Will we make different styles?

Yes. Volume one is a high energy pop style track that we feel works perfectly in a modern contemporary worship context, but we will create more volumes in different styles in the future. Let us know what style Bumper Music you’d like in the comments below!

More questions about Bumper Music?

Ask in the comments below and we’ll let you know!

How you can use Bumper Music and Pads in your services to create awesome transitions


  1. I love worship tutorial and appreciate you guys for all that you do! I have been using worship pads since 2013 which has completely uplifted the quality and so handy to carry it everywhere and fills the atmosphere super well when there is just a guitar or a couple of instruments present. Excited about Bumper music, can’t wait to buy this!

  2. This is great! We are constantly trying to find appropriate bumper music for our announcement videos. Another style that we would get a lot of use out of would be a little more medium (or even slower) tempo music for things such as testimony videos (which we do a lot of for things such as baptisms, etc.).

  3. I love this idea. I do online Bible teachings for men and would love to incorporate Bumper Music track in certain small parts… but you said, “you may not use it to create content that will be widely distributed (youtube videos, for example).” Bummer! Will you reconsider/send me a “go for it bro” email? Or, is there any chance I can pay an extra $10 and use your Bumper Music for small clip background music on my teaching-videos?

    Eager to hear back from ya!


    • Hi Mark – if you are creating the content primarily for use in your church or ministry, I think that would be great. I understand needing to upload that kind of content to youtube so you could stream it elsewhere. If you need to do that, I’d just ask that you note in the description that it is Worship Tutorials Bumper Music and provide the link. Thanks!

  4. Similar question to some above….what about during something like video announcements? Or another promo for a church event?

  5. I don’t know what kind of musicians you have at your disposal for creating types of bumper music, but I think a great one for a lot of churches would be one with a real country-western feel. Maybe a steel guitar, some mandolin, harmonica, fiddle, and VERY simple drums, bass, and acoustic guitar in the back just to set the foundation.

  6. Some music to use perhaps as a pastor wraps up his sermon or prays. Kind of a slower moving non-melodic kind of music…..guitar swells, piano, pads, etc.

  7. Any chance we can get this track with less snare drum? We’ve found that music underneath our announcements is great, but that snare sounds can really be distracting to speech – and when you turn the volume down sometimes the only thing you hear is the snare hitting.

    • Hi Brian – Thanks for the feedback! We agree the snare could be a bit quieter, and we’ve actually already made the change. Check out the sample file now – I think it will sit much better in the mix.

    • Hi Chad – Thanks for the feedback! We agree the snare could be quieter, and we’ve actually already made the change. Check out the sample file now – I think it will sit much better in the mix.

  8. Hello Brian!

    I love the pads and will shortly begin using the Bumper Music. I sometimes have a challenge with drummers, so i’ve used a pad and a drum metronome, using just the kick drum, to help us keep in time. However, it is unwieldy to do this. What I would like to see is your pads with various tempos with a kick drum embedded. Thank you!


    • Hi Dennis,

      We’ve looked into Pads with some kind of tempo based element in them, but it’s difficult to cover any tempo. You may want to look into multitracks, which have click tracks and other rhythm elements in them for individual songs.

  9. I’m interested in music for communion. Longer than the bumper, but more melodic than the Pads. Our guitar player usually does this but when he’s out its very quiet. (I’m the keys player, but as minister on staff, I’m the one who leads communion in our contemporary service.)

    • Hi Richard – this has been a common request, and it’s what we’re working on for Volume 2, which should be available soon. Thanks!

  10. Love the site and the products! We use your Pads all the time.

    My church does not stream our services live but we do upload a video of the sermon later. I think this bumper music could work well for the intro music to our sermon videos. Would we be able to use the bumper music for that purpose?

  11. Hello I’m not an apple user at all. Is there ways to use this on my galaxy tab & phone? It seems every type of pads or multi tracks I m looking to use are apple supported only?! Anyone have an idea for this?! Or suggestions for android supported pads & bumper music? Thanks in advance & God bless!!!

    • Hi Dio – our Pads and Bumper Music are mp3 files, so you’re able to use them on any device/app that handles an mp3. Almost all modern phones do.

  12. I have loved using PADS in worship and the atmosphere they added for times of music and prayer, but haven’t really put much focus on other times in the service. After giving these a listen, and watching your video on how you utilize them, I was sold. I have even started using them in transition times in a small youth service and it just adds the right something to our worship. Thanks for being such a blessing to those of us lucky enough to participate in worship as leaders!

  13. How would you loop the bumper music? We need a little longer than 3 minutes. I’ve used the pads through Small Director app, is there a way to loop it through that app? Thanks.

  14. How to Import Pads to an Android Device? I have seen you Explanation of how to Import Pads to iOS Device, but did not find an equal possibility for my Android device.
    Do you still know one? Thanks.

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