Our Line 6 HX Effect patches are specifically dialed in to perfect for modern praise and worship music.


Our premium HX Effects patches include specific sounds and categories like ‘Swells’ and ‘Verbs and Delays’ as well as patches designed to act as an entire board.

Our building blocks series are patches designed to give you a database of effects sounds specifically dialed in for modern worship music. Each patch contains various effects within a single category – drives, reverbs, delays, and modulation. Copy effects blocks from these patches and insert them into new or existing patches to instantly get sounds that will work great every time.


  1. I am considering buying the HX Effects but I am concerned that it can’t replace how I currently preprogramm my NOVA Delay presets for Sunday’s set list. I’ll have preset 1 for dotted 8th 127 BPM, preset 2 for dotted 8th 72 BPM, preset 3 for 1/4 Delay at 130 Bpm and preset 4 dotted 8th for 140 BPM to match Sunday’s click tracks. I heard this can’t be done with HX Effects. Can you confirm or provide direction?

  2. You absolutely can do that with the HX effects. I went with the HX a few weeks ago and haven’t looked back.

  3. Hi guys as a metal player Im missing some heavy presets. I have made some but I would like to see others work. Tks

  4. Hey guys, love what you do! I have learnt a lot of guitar parts from you and have now begun searching for great tone! I got the HX but it is quite overwhelming. It would be awesome if you guys set up patches for specific songs (like you do for the helix) so we can play with the same tone that you have/understand what you have tweaked for a different sound! Once again, thanks so much for what you do!

  5. Good morning guys. While I play in a worship band as well, I also play in a classic rock band playing some blues, A Bros, Zep, etc. I love my HX Effects but have gone about as far as I can on setting my own presets. Would love to purchase some rock presets if you can produce those. Would appreciate it. God Bless and Merry Christmas. Bob

  6. Can you do a basic patch #2? make it a little more rock based? with some Wah, maybe a pitch-wam, and some “Rick Squier”.

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