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This Kemper Performance re-creates the guitar tones from the song Forever by Bethel Music. It is designed to be used with the Kemper Remote, and all effects are included in the Kemper. Plug and play and sound like the album.

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In this demo Bradford is using an MJT Thinline Tele with Porter vintage tele pickups

This Kemper Performance re-creates the guitar tones from the song ‘Forever’ as recorded by Bethel Music on the Tides album. It is designed to be used with the Kemper Remote, and all effects are included in the Kemper.

Profile by Selah Sounds

The profile used in the Kemper is the Red MKII from Selah Sounds – this is a premium profile from their British Pack. It is a profile of the Jackson Scarlett amp. Selah Sounds makes incredible profiles of many amps – you can see their full line-up here.

Slots and effects

We’ve set up the different song sections in the different slots on the remote (Rig Buttons 1-5), and we’ve mapped effects that you’ll likely want to access on the effects buttons (Effects Buttons 1-4).

First the Rig Buttons (Slots)

  1. Intro/Ambi: Use this for the intro and any ambient sections of the song
  2. Turn/Riff: This is the tone for the first main riff of the song
  3. Pre-CH: Pre-Chorus (the ground began to shake…)
  4. CH/Rhy: Main big rhythm sound
  5. Solo/BR: This is for the solo and bridge


We’ve set up morphing in this performance. To engage the morph, hit the button again – you’ll see the light fade to the upper light.

Rig Button 4: When you hit the button again (morph), it pulls delay and reverb out of the mix a bit, and turns the boost off. Think of the morph as a less wet, less driven version of the rhythm tone. This should be your main rhythm tone (the bigger sound is for the solo).

Effects Buttons 1-4:

These are the effects mapped to effects buttons 1-4, which you can turn on/off at any time. These remain the same in all five slots:

  1. Button 1: Chromatic pitch (POG type sound)
  2. Button 2: Boost (Pure Boost – Klon type sound)
  3. Button 3: Delay – reverse
  4. Button 4: Delay – dotted 8th (tape delay sound)

How to tweak this performance for your guitar

We tested this performance with multiple guitars, but ultimately you may want to tweak it a bit for your guitar, which will most likely have a different output level and pickup tone than our guitars.

Start with the ‘Definition’ and ‘Clarity’ controls on the amp

These two controls have an enormous impact on the overall tone, and are very efficient at adjusting the gain structure and clarity/tone of the sound, all without straying too far away from the base tone. They’re perfect for tailoring a patch made with humbuckers to a single coil guitar (or vice versa). We always recommend starting here rather than EQ or Gain controls.

EQ Controls: From there, adjust the EQ controls (in the amp stack). If the tone is a bit dark or bright, adjust the EQ to compensate.

Gain control (proceed with caution). We recommend adjusting the gain on the amp last – especially raising the gain. This will introduce digital gain, which sounds pretty gross – it does not behave like a gain knob on an amp. If you need more gain, either adjust the definition control or increase the level control on the compressor. If you need less gain, turn the gain control down works well.

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    Having trouble getting this to load on my kemper! Any help you could offer as to how to get it up and running! Thank you!!

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    Eu nao estou conseguindo carregar tambem.

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