Over 100,000 sets sold

Tens of thousands of churches use Worship Tutorials Pads to effortlessly transform their worship sets by creating depth and texture, ambience, and awesome transitions.

NEW: Pads Elements (Cloud, Dust, Fire, and Ice)


Pads are not progression specific, so no click track is needed

Just play the pads in your desired key, and any progression (song) in that key will fit perfectly over the top of them

You get all 12 major keys with each set of Pads

To experience them for yourself, simply play and instrument along with the demos in the appropriate key

Pads create an atmospheric ambient texture that sits underneath everything. It gives the music a sense of depth and weight and it helps glue everything together. With any of our Pads sets, you can have that sound present in all your songs and other service elements with a tap of a button.

Best of the Best

Worship Tutorials Pads have been selected multiple time as the Editor’s Pick in Worship Leader Magazine‘s ‘Best Resource Guide’ issue.

We are honored to be chosen, and we think our Pads are the best you can buy 🙂


(you can click on each individual Pads set to hear samples of each set in all 12 keys)


Save up to 50% with our Pads bundles

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Get Clouds, Dust, Fire, and Ice Pads and save 50%

Worship Tutorials Pads

What’s the difference?

Each set of Pads effectively works exactly the same way (with the exception of the Minor Pads, which are in Minor keys). The difference is simply in how they sound. We love having options, and we think you will too. We don’t really think of one set of Pads sounding better or worse than the other, just different. Here’s how you could think of them:

  • Clouds (Pads Elements): Clouds are the quintessential soft, warm ambient Pads. They wrap around you like a blanket, and are absolutely perfect for singer-songwriter type applications.
  • Dust (Pads Elements): Dust Pads are on the warmer side, and they include a lot of texture. There is almost a grittiness to them (hence ‘dust’), and they can work well in both mellow or higher energy applications
  • Ice (Pads Elements): Our Ice Pads are great for high energy applications. They have a lot of energy in them, and on their own they can sound bright, but in a higher energy mix they fit right in.
  • Fire (Pads Elements): With fire we wanted to invoke a sense of energy. There are elements of Fire Pads that almost sound like flames, and overall these are on the more aggressive side.
  • Pads 10 (Luminous Pads): We wanted Pads 10 to evoke a sense of hope, and we think they sound like a light shining into a dark place
  • Pads 9 (Celestial Pads): The sound of the heavens. We designed Pads 9 to sound warm and lush without getting in the way of other instruments in the mix. They’re warm and airy all at the same time, and in just the right ways
  • Pads 8 (Wondrous Pads): The sound of glory and wonder, available with the push of a button. We designed Pads 8 (Wondrous Pads) to sound warm and lush without getting in the way of other instruments in the mix. They move just enough to create a sense of space and atmosphere, but not so much that they draw too much attention to themselves. They’re warm and they’re bright all at the same time, and in just the right ways
  • Pads 7 (Guitar Pads): Made almost entirely of guitar swells, Pads 7 (Guitar Pads) are a unique take on Pads. Most Pads are synth based, so using guitar tones to create Pads gives you a very different sonic texture. We love these Pads, and we believe they will help you create even better worship environments.
  • Pads 6 (Shimmer Pads): Shimmer is an iconic sound used all over modern worship music. Now you can have it in your sets with the click of a button.
  • Pads 5 (Simple Pads): We wanted a set of Pads that would sound warm and rich but have a little bit less going on. There is less movement both in the number of notes and the EQ spectrum. We think these are the best set of Pads yet, especially when used in a band context.
  • Pads 4 (Evolving Pads): Pads 4 have more movement than the other Pads sets, but they will not get in the way of what you are playing on top of them. We like to use these when we want the Pads sound to have a bit more signature. We named them ‘Evolving’ because when you hear them, they sound like they are moving from one place to another. Pads 4 also include a lot of interesting ambient elements not found in the other pads sets.
  • Pads 3 (Cinematic Pads): Think movie score. Take it a step further. Think John Williams and Hans Zimmer are now on your worship team. That pretty much sums up Pads 3. They sound huge, and we love them.
  • Pads 2 (Atmospheric Pads): We named them ‘Atmospheric’ for a reason – lots of texture and ambience. These will really add some life to sets where you don’t have a lot of musicians, and they’re great when used by themselves during different elements of a worship service.
  • Pads 1: Lots of warmth without too much movement or texture. These are great all-around ambient pads that you can use in a variety of environments. We still love the original Pads and we use them all the time!
  • Minor Pads 1: Lots of texture. The tonal center revolves around an actual minor key signature (as opposed to the relative minor of a major key).
  • Minor Pads 2 (Gregorian): The darkest sounding of all our pads. These sound almost menacing. We think they are perfect for setting an eerie mood, which can be extremely effective during something like a Good Friday service, for example. A couple caveats: We don’t recommend listening to these with the lights off. We also warn against the key of D Minor. It is the saddest of all keys. You may weep instantly.
  • Minor Pads 3 (Shadow): We designed Minor Pads 3 to create a dark and moody texture. They are perfect for something like a Good Friday service or anytime you’d like to set a darker mood

What are Pads?

Pads create an atmospheric ambient texture that sits underneath everything. It gives the music a sense of depth and weight and it helps glue everything together. With any of our Pads sets, you can have that sound present in all your songs and other service elements with a tap of a button.

It really is that easy – to use the Pads during a song, simply play the Pad in the same key as the song, and everything will just work. We are also working hard to create more versions and variations of Pads. It’s always good to have multiple sounds and textures available so you can choose the perfect sound to fit the moment you’re trying to create. Listen to the previews below and choose your favorite sounding set, or get them all!

How it works

  • Pads are not progression specific, so no click track is needed
  • Use the examples below – play along with them on your guitar or other instrument
  • Just play the pads in your desired key, and any progression in that key will fit perfectly over the top of them
  • You get all 12 major keys

I’ve been using pads for a few years now and cant imagine leading worship without them.

– David Snowdon, Worship Leader

We’ve been using Pads for about a year and a half now and they have been great! They help with transitions and most importantly, help fill the songs!

– Ryan Bearden, Worship Leader


Do I need a click track or to play along with a pre-set arrangement?

These pads are not progression specific. Simply play the pad in the key that your song is in, and any progression in that key will work. Give it a try – play the samples at the top of the page and play any progression in the key of the pad you are playing. The pads will sit underneath and sound beautiful. You can play on top of these pads with any instrument – keys, guitars, etc.

How can I use them to create great transitions?

When you finish a song, let the pads continue. Let them play during prayer moments. Bring them in towards the end of a moving sermon or talk. Crossfade between pads in different keys for smooth transitions from a song in one key to a song in another key. During your worship sets, you can have a music bed that never stops playing, which makes for a much more cohesive worship experience.

What hardware and software do I need to use?

Because these pads are in mp3 format, you can use them with anything. Load them into an iTunes playlist. Bring them into Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, or any other DAW. Play them straight from your smartphone or tablet. Whatever workflow your band or church uses, these pads will fit.

We like to use them in ProPresenter, and we created a tutorial showing how to do that here.

If you’re looking for a solution to play them from your phone, here is a tutorial showing how to set them up in WT Director on iOS (please note, this is not our app, so we cannot offer support for it.

If you’d like to go a bit more complicated and run a MIDI pedal controlling an Ableton Live setup, we’ve got you covered in this tutorial.

How do I download the pads?

When you purchase the Pads, you’ll get an email with download links. You’ll get a link to a large (~500mb) .zip file that contains all 12 mp3 files, and you’ll also get individual links to each mp3 file separately. If you download the .zip file, you don’t need to download the individual file, as the .zip file contains all the files.

You can also log into your account on the My Account page and download any downloadable products that you’ve purchased.

What if I have trouble downloading the files using the links provided?

If you have purchased the Pads but are having problems downloading them, please send us an email and let me know. We’ll get back to you ASAP with some other download options.

How do I get them on my phone/iPad/tablet/etc?

Apple does not allow you to directly download mp3 files to your iOS device (and most other mobile devices are set up this way). Getting Pads on your phone is easy, though – all you need to do is add them to iTunes and sync them to your phone. Here’s a video showing how.

More questions?

Ask in the comments below and we’ll answer them.

Why did we make Pads?

The answer is simple: We wanted to use them in our church. Once we did (and we realized how awesome they are), we wanted to share them with you. Watch this video to learn more:

Hear Pads in action

We’ve created countless videos on our YouTube channel (and in the Tutorials section) featuring acoustic guitar, vocals, and Worship Tutorials Pads, but here are a few:

See A Victory - Feat. Pads 9

Fierce (Jesus Culture) - Feat. Pads 5

God You're So Good - Feat. Pads 8

Jesus Paid It All - Feat. Pads 2

We absolutely love using Pads in our church and everywhere we go. Ever since we started incorporating them into our services, we have noticed a difference in our sound and worship.

– Raziel Sanchez, Worship Leader

They [Pads] just really enhance worship. They really add a lot to the music.

– Daniel Griggs, Messiah Church (see Daniel’s video here)


  1. For a solo guitarist, is there a way to trigger these (and then also fade them out) with some sort of foot pedal setup? Thanks!

    • Hi David!

      I used pads for a few years as a (sometimes) solo musician. I had a bit of a complicated setup, but the gist of it went like this:

      I used this midi foot controller to trigger them: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/line-6-fbv-express-mkii-guitar-footswitch

      I had them set up in Ableton Live, which allows you to use any midi trigger to do virtually anything. In Ableton Live, I had a reverb and delay on the pads channel so that when I switched pads, then would sort of trail, which allowed for a smooth transition between one file to the next (basically like a crossfade). So, essentially, I ran the Line6 footswitch via USB cable to my laptop running Ableton Live at the back of the stage. Then I just had the headphone out running to a direct box into the PA.

      You don’t have to go this complex, though – but if you want to trigger with a footswitch, just get any midi device, connect it to a computer than runs software that accepts a midi trigger and allows you to trigger the pads, then out to the PA. Your total investment would be under $200 (not counting the computer and the Pads) – $99 for the footswitch and $99 for Ableton Live Intro.

      • Love the Pads! I purchased last week and used them this Sunday and they worked great. We use Easy Worship for our projection and the pads work well this program. But I would like to us Ableton with the midi foot pedal to have more control over the pads. I have Ableton 9 and the line 6 pedal how did you configure abelton to trigger the pads with this pedal..Thanks

        • Thanks Ric! I used them for years with the Line 6 FBV Express and Ableton. You just connect the FBV Express to your computer via USB. Then you map the buttons to different functions in Ableton. I set one button to play the next patch (or whatever ableton calls it) – so basically, I pressed a button and the next file or set of files would play. Then I set the volume pedal to control the volume of the Pads track. This way I could swell them in and out whenever I wanted. I also applied a reverb and delay on the Pads – this caused them to crossfade when I changed to the next patch. I’m planning a video on this setup soon to illustrate exactly how I had it working.

          • Thanks Brian, I can’t seem to get Ableton and my Line 6 FBV Express II to work together. Looking forward to the Video you will post

      • Hi, I am a solo musician and if i can figure out how to use these while i play, i will buy your pads as well. You should do a video involving the costs, the way its done explanation and a showing of it done or something. Thanks again.

      • Hi Brian ..

        is there any way that i can use some kind of pedal to trigger the pads through IPAD … to fade in or fade out the pad and to change the key …

        in my case sometimes i may not be able to set up laptop / computer …

        and what kind of connector that you suggest to connect the ipad to the PA system / Amp …

        thanks …

        Brian Suhada =)

        • Hi Brian – there are actually some pedals that I’ve seen that will convert a button press into a signal that can trigger Pads, but it would have to gel with the app you’re using, and I can’t seem to find them now that I’ve searched. I remember they were called BigFoot Pedals, and I came across them on Facebook.

    • Hi David – one thing I forgot to mention about that particular foot controller (and a very cool trick to have up your sleeve). I set the expression pedal on the controller to control the volume of the Pads track. So this way, I could simply swell them in and out with that pedal and use it like a volume pedal. That came in very handy. If I really wanted to make the moment quiet, I’d swell the pads out, and then swell them back in again. At the end of your set, you could simply swell the pads out use the pedal, etc. It was a very flexible setup for me.

    • I have the pads loaded into iTunes on my iphone6. They are in alphabetical order, making them easy to find. I plan on making a “play list” for each service but usually just use them like this: I run a patch cord from my phone , down into my volume pedal. Then from the volume pedal I go into a DI box, which runs out to the board. I can then swell the volume up or down as needed on the songs or when I change key. I can just reach over to the iPhone and tap the key I need and it starts up just like a song on iTunes. Then swell it up to volume. WOrks great.
      When playing solo I run it over to my amp from the pedal.

      • Sounds like a great setup, Jim – thanks! With an app like WT Director, you can crossfade between files if you’d like, since iTunes (or the Music app) doesn’t do this.

      • Jim, how did you get them into iTunes? I downloaded the pad on my iphone6 but not sure how to get it into iTunes. Thanks!

        • Hi Cathryn,

          It seems Apple has made iTunes increasingly more confusing and difficult to use if you want to sync your own files. If you have iCloud Music turned on, you’ll need to create a playlist with the Pads, allow all the Pads to upload to the cloud (this could take quite a while), and then right-click on the files and choose ‘Add to iCloud Music’. That worked for me.

  2. Thanks so much Brian! That was very helpful information – exactly what I was looking for. I’ll put those items on my wishlist. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

    • Another method I use (but it has no foot control) is on my iPhone. App called bossjock (http://bossjockstudio.com/). You load any file onto a button (drum loop, pads, etc), adjust the fade and/or repeat and touch to start. Run 1 or more at a time. Check it out.

  3. Hey Brian, our Church has Media shout, do you think that it will have the same feature as Ableton. (for crossfading pads)

    • Hi David,

      I Haven’t used MediaShout in years, but I did a quick Google search and it does look like you can crossfade audio files with it. Ableton Live won’t actually do it natively (that I’m aware of) – back when I used Ableton, I just set a reverb and delay on my pads patches and when I switched them they would tail off so it just created the effect.

  4. Ok, currently I use a electro box which is basically a drop box with a 1/8 input and a 1/4.I plug in my laptop and guitar into the same channel. Are your delays and reverb from ableton or your pedal board. If I could control both from the stage that would be awesome.

  5. Brian, just wanted to drop a line. I used the pads in worship for the first time this morning. They went over great. It made the moments before and between songs great. Love the site! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  6. I use pads during worship at my church and we use Pro Presenter for our slide presentation. Pro Presenter also has an audio bin feature, so we actually uploaded our pads to Pro Presenter and drag and drop our pads into the first slide of each song (just like you would drag and drop your backgrounds) and it fades in automatically when you click on the first slide of each song (and cross-faded between pads)! Very simple and almost fool-proof as long as you drag and drop the right key!

    • Hi Terrence,

      I’m not very familiar with the loop station – can it playback mp3 files? If it can, you are good to go. If it does playback mp3 files, my assumption is that you’ll first need to download them to your computer and then transfer them to the loop station somehow.

  7. Hey Brian,

    Need some advice. I want to integrate your pads into our worship service and was testing our Worship Team Director but the problem is that once I get out of the app (even though it’s running in the background) the sound shuts off. I want to trigger the sounds from my iPad that is on my micstand but I also use Planning Center music stand for lyrics so I need to flip between screens. iTunes doesn’t allow for fading so that doesn’t work nearly as well for me as I like the crossfading for seamless transitions.

    Any advice or ideas of which app might work best for me that will keep playing (like iTunes will) even when I switch to a different app?

  8. Brian: My wife & I used Pads this past weekend for the first time in our Worship set and let me once again say “Brilliant”! Played flawlessly on my iPad with the free Worship Team app SG Director. It filled in the space between songs, added depth & warmth, created a wonderful worship mood for prayer, communion and healing. A great value for the price! Thank you sooo much for creating, making available and adding a dimension to our worship set we would not have been able to achieve on our own easily. Many more Blessings Brian! In Christ!

  9. Hello there Brian,
    Big fan and love and appreciate all that you do on youtube i have learned so much and have grown as a worshipper and worship leader so thank you so much . I am just discovering this pads thing today and i am very interested in buying this but i have some Question if anyone can answer them i would be very happy and appreciative. First Question is does it cost $9,99 dollars a month or is it a one time payment for $9,99 a month thing ? I don’t have a piano player full time in my young adults worship band and was wondering if me having this would help me all i have is myself as rhythm guitar player and a drummer and a bass player ever now and then a piano player rarely. Also we have a program called Screen monkey i believe would i be able to use that on the program or would i have to get another program and use it we use screen monkey to project the words and stuff. If anyone can help me i would be very appreciative take care God Bless

  10. Brian: I used the Pads last night running though the Small Group Director app on my IPhone at our Friday night services at my church and it was awesome. The Pads added that little missing key that we needed since it’s more of a cafe style of service with just a few musicians. My Pastor loved it and really look forward to using it more. I don’t have the equipment now but I’d like to get some sort of foot pedal type of item to make it easy when so I don’t have to free up my hands while playing guitar. Thanks again! God Bless – Glenn

    • Awesome – thank you so much for the feedback, Glenn! We experience the same thing in our worship services using these Pads. Glad they are working well for you.

  11. The BEST pads out there! I’ve tried many types of pads and these work better that any others. Most are too high or sit in the mids but these are in a great low spot for guitarist. Great job.

    • Thanks! Really appreciate that! I tried to create these with live performance in mind, and guitars and vocals dominate the midrange. I wanted to make sure that these pads left space for the rest of the band – whether that’s one guy and an acoustic guitar or a full band.

  12. Brian, I like the idea of triggering & controlling the Pads with the Line6 pedal you mentioned. Are you aware of any apps that I can use this with? Do you know if the Worship Team Director app you suggested has this capability with the Line6 controller or perhaps another controller?

    • Hi Marcus,

      I’m not sure the Line 6 pedal will control an iOS device. It sends midi data out via USB, so you’d have to find some kind of cable that would translate USB midi data into an iOS device. Furthermore, I’m not sure if the WT Director app will accept midi data or not. I think you’d probably be better served finding a different app/pedal combo for iOS that would allow you to trigger files, or just use the Line 6 pedal with a laptop running something like Ableton Live. Hope that’s helpful!

      • i was interested in finding this out as well. I’ve been looking at the looptimus, but the line 6 FBV seems like it has more functionality and buttons. curious to know if when you used the express, were you able to set up different banks for different apps? i’m considering using it in that manner… for the Playback app from multitracks, and the WT app using pads. thoughts?

        • Hey Dallas, I’m afraid I never used the express in that much of a complicated setup. I think with MIDI, you can really make any button do most anything you want. For me, about 4 years ago I entered into a situation where I trained production volunteers to handle all the firing of click tracks, pads, etc, which allowed me to not have to think about it or mess with it on stage while leading. It involved a great deal of trust and training, but I’ve never, ever looked back. I know not many people are in that situation, though. Looptimus does seem like a pretty impressive product, but I don’t really have any experience using it (or using the FBV Express to do that kind of thing, either).

  13. I use OnSong for all of my lyrics on the iPad. It’s the best $10 I’ve ever spent! I have an airturn footpedal ($100), which allows me to launch and crossfade pad tracks with the click of a foot pedal. These pads are great for the transitions between songs. I’d highly recommend you check out OnSong and the Airturn foot pedal if you’re going to use an iPad.

    • That’s great! Thanks for the tip on hardware/software to use – always interested to know what kinds of systems people are using for loops and tracks.

    • Josh – I should be getting my Airturn pedal this week and already have Onsong, I can see how to add the loop to a song, but I can’t figure out how to make it crossfade. I set the crossfade setting on, but when i turn the page using my hand, it does not auto start the next loop to cross fade.. Just curious on how you have it setup..

  14. If I’m playing in a minor key, example: Am, would I just play the relative maj C pad or will the A pad work. Are the pads just comprised of root notes or are other notes used? I just purchased them, can’t wait to use them.

    • Hi Josh, I’ve found that it works to play the relative major key in some cases (so the C pad for a song in Am). You definitely won’t want to play the A pad for Am – that will sound off for sure. Give it a try and see what works 🙂

    • Hi David. One way you could do it is to play the Pad for the relative major key. For example, the Dm key would be F and the Cm key would be Eb. This may or may not work depending on the song. To check it, you could play the song that’s in the minor key along with the sample of the pad in the relative major key and see how it fits.

  15. Hi Brian!
    That sounds Great. A brilliant Idea. I’ll try that this sunday in our Church the first time.
    But i have some trouble downloading the Files.
    The download is cancelled all the time.
    No matter how often i try.

    Is there another way to download them?
    (Im from Germany. But usually that should not be a problem i think)

      • Thx, now it worked.
        I have a suggestion for all the android users out there.
        I find the Musik Player App “Power Amp” quite usefull.
        You have Playlists and you can setup a crossfade.
        As i said, i’ll try it out on sunday, then i can tell more. 🙂

        • I’m an android user also. I love the PowerAmp app and will be using it again this coming Sunday. I downloaded a silent track so that it will crossfade at the end of a set. That was the only problem I was having and that was the solution that I found. Thank you so much Worship Tutorial team for creating these Pads! They really help make transitions sound smoother and I love the ambiance they create for the worship service!

  16. Hi Brian… I have the same question as some other above. Is there an option to buy the pads in Minor keys?

  17. Hey Brian! If I purchase the Pads on my iphone, would I have to sync to a computer to get them to my music? Thank you!

  18. I lead worship with an acoustic set, its just me that plays. I have a fishman loud box mini that I use. What all would I need to incorporate these pads with worship?

    • Hi Randall, I’m not sure what the loud box mini is, but you can use the Pads in a variety of ways. Here on the Pads page I’ve got a video explaining how to use them in ProPresenter and with an iOS app called ‘Worship Team Director’. You can basically trigger them in anything that will play an mp3.

  19. Hey Brian, quick question – if you are playing a song in key of G and it goes to a chord change, will you have to crossfade in the pad of the same key of the chord change? Thanks.

    • Hi Stephen – if you’re playing in G, any typical chord progression in that key will work on top of the Key of G pad. You don’t have to change the pad. So, for example, if your progression goes 1-4-5-6 (which would be G, C, D, Em), you could play all those chords on top of the Key of G Pad and everything will fit right in.

  20. Brian, I’m not sure if my question was answered, if there is a key change during a song will the pad need to change also? Sometimes it starts out in the key of C and moves into another key toward the end maybe even two key change before it ends. So it does not end in the same key as it started. Will the pad need to be changed during the song as well to match the new key? Just trying to understand. Thanks.

    • Ah – yeah – I misunderstood your question. You will have to change pads if you do a key change in a song. We’ve done it before by attaching the appropriate pad file to the appropriate slide in ProPresenter. So, when the song changes keys, the pads change automatically (assuming the person operating ProPresenter is following along correctly).

  21. Thanks. After reading my first post I realize that I wasn’t clear…..chords and keys. Sorry about that. I thought that would be the case on changing the key of the pad. Appreciate your info.

  22. Hi Brian,
    It seems like the pads kind of drag the songs when played just with a guitar. feels like I can’t play or sing in a faster tempo when the pads are on. Do you recommend just practicing with it more or is it usually harder for solo guitarists?

    • Hi Grace. I can understand – those pads can be relaxing :). In my experience, it’s just a matter of practice. It might help you to mix the pads lower in your monitors so you hear mostly the guitar.

  23. Brian, thank you for pads. Finally after 10 years of worship I could finally fulfill my pastors request to have unnoticed transitions during songs. It was great working. We used iPhone and WT director app. My pianist said it works just perfect and she liked it. Good job. Greetings from Czech Republic.

  24. Hi Brian, this is Brian 🙂

    My Pastor doesn’t have any of these programs but has iTunes on his computer. If I purchase these on my computer to practice songs with the Pads at home, can I also load these onto his computer that he uses in worship for PPT presentations?

    We normally have 3 people who sing to lead songs and a keyboard player. I am usually away speaking but when the 3 people take off or are sick, he asks me to lead songs on guitar and I don’t have a keyboardist to accompany me….so I need help since we don’t have a drummer. I know I’m all over the place here however I just saw your info when looking for “Lord I Need You” to practice for this Sunday.

    Thanks and God bless you!

    • Hi Brian 🙂

      Typically, the use case for these would be if your church purchases them, you can download them to computers that your church owns, and if you purchase them, you can download them to computers that you own. However, I have no problem with you using them the way you have suggested here. Hope they help you out in your services!

  25. I have the pads downloaded on my IPAD and have the IPAD in it’s own direct box. I’m also using the Worship Director app suggested for crossfading features, however for some reason when it’s connected to the direct box the crossfade and fade out features are not working. When it’s not connected to the direct box it works fine. Our sound techs usually set up the stage for all the instruments ahead of time and we just plug in, so I have no idea how to connect this correctly, any ideas?

    • Hey Mel – that is strange, and without being in your room or seeing it in person, I’m not sure how I could troubleshoot it for you. One possibility is that the channel on your board that the Pads are playing through has a noise gate on it – so that when the signal/volume level falls below a certain point, the signal is muted. If that is the case, simply remove the gate and it should work fine. It sounds like it’s happening somewhere between your direct box and the main outputs of your sound board, so that’s the first place I’d look. Good luck!

  26. Hey Brian! Thanks for making these pads, I know they’ll be a HUGE help to our church worship 🙂 But I have a question (may be a little dumb), is it possible for one track to play continuously for more than 20 minutes? Cuz our worship is usually about 23-25 minutes and I’m not sure if we can work with only 20 haha. My intended setup would be to just download the tracks into my iPhone (which is plugged into the sound system) and let it play from there via the WT Director App.

    Appreciating all that you’re doing, God bless!

    • Hey Matt, The idea for the pads is that you’d play one file for each song – so that way the Pads change keys to match the particular song you’re playing. The only way you’d want to use one pad file for an entire worship set is if all your songs in the set are in the same key.

      If that is the case, what I would suggest is to set WT Director (or whatever you are using to play the Pads) to play a new file for each song, even if it’s the same file (two songs in the same key, for example) – that way you’ll be sure that the Pad will never fade out (unless one song lasts more than 20 minutes). Hope that makes sense and helps!

      • Ah okay, the cross-fading function into the same key didn’t occur to me at first but yeah it makes sense. Thank you so much!

    • Hello – The process for ordering should be pretty standard worldwide – You can choose to pay either through PayPal or using any major credit/debit card. Thanks!

  27. hi, Brain, thank you for your tutorails, i accidently found it on youtube and rea~lly love your teaching, cause it’s really understanble and works for me!!
    Also, i am very interested in Pads, and just bought last week. Yet, as a guitar-beginner, i just simply have 2 questions about Pads:
    (1) Could i use Pads for some fast songs? ( such as, “This is amazing Grace”, or may~be something a bit slower, like “Alive In Us” this kind type of songs?)
    or Pads are just only for some slow songs? (like, “Amazing Grace”, “I Surrender All”)
    (2) When i play a song of key of G, yet with a capo on 2nd fret, shall i use Pad G or Pad A as a sound bed? ( for example)

    Thank you very much~

    • Hi Vince,

      Thanks! To answer your questions…

      1. Yes – you can use the Pads in fast songs – I do it all the time. It just adds another layer of texture to the song and helps make it sound fuller.
      2. Always use the Pads in the open key you are playing in. So in your example, playing key of G chords with a capo on the 2nd fret, you should use the key of A Pads. My Capo Cheat Sheet will help you always know what open key you’re playing in. It’s a free download if you don’t already have it yet.

  28. HI Brian

    Thanks for this wonderful product – Going to try the pads for the first time in Church Tomorrow.

    Just a few concerns Brian – The Pads that I got after purchase are mostly short versions, most of them are 3 to 8 minutes. I was hoping for longer versions as it would help us when we want to let the pads run over a few songs. Secondly the ends don’t fade out – Just incase any of the pads runs out of time it just abruptly stops that could create a problem during worship.
    I would really appreciate if you could fix these two problems and send a copy to me.

    Thanks and God Bless

    • Hi Ashwin,

      Thanks for purchasing and for the compliments! Regarding your concerns – your download of the Pads must have been interrupted or damaged, because all the files you get when you purchase are 20 minutes long, and each of them fade in and out. I have opened a support ticket for you, and I will send you an alternate download link so you can get the full files. Thanks again, and sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Thanks Brian for the prompt reply and for sending me an alternative link to download the pads.
        Will try and download the pads from the link you sent me and keep you updated if I face any problems

        God Bless

  29. Hey, Id like to know if once purchased and downloaded to my computer could i then download the mp3 tracks to my Blackberry OS device and play them from my music player. Also any updates on the pads for minor keys?


  30. Hi Brian, Bless the Lord, Please see the new song which Chris Tomlin as released recently i.e ‘JESUS LOVES ME’, This is a very powerful song which tells about the Love and the sacrifice which Jesus Christ showed us on the cross for our sack…

    I am sending you the link of the song in youtube (1) and the actual song explanation by the real artists (Christ Tomlin) on the site of http://www.worshiptogether.com (2)

    (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8gKXu6J2wE

    (2) http://www.worshiptogether.com/songs/songdetail.aspx?iid=2236044

    If it is possible then please teach us this song in guitar version, I’ll be highly thankful.

    Thanks for all your lessons.
    God Bless you & have a good day!

  31. Hi Brian, Bless the Lord, Please see the new song which Chris Tomlin as released recently i.e ‘JESUS LOVES ME’, This is a very powerful song which tells about the Love and the sacrifice which Jesus Christ showed us on the cross for our sack…

    I am sending you the link of the song in youtube (1) and the actual song explanation by the real artists (Christ Tomlin) on the site of http://www.worshiptogether.com (2)

    (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8gKXu6J2wE
    (2) http://www.worshiptogether.com/songs/songdetail.aspx?iid=2236044

    If it is possible then please teach us this song in guitar version, I’ll be highly thankful.

    Thanks for all your lessons.
    God Bless you & have a good day!

  32. Thanks so much for making these great pads Brian! I used them for the first time yesterday during special music; I put key of G pads behind me, playing Oceans (from your tutorial).

    Your tutorials took me from 0 to being able to play competently. I have played several of your arrangements at church and they go over well each time. The way you transpose to simple chord progressions, with few difficult changes, allows me to forget about the guitar and focus on my singing.

    It was a lifelong dream of mine to play guitar (not realized until after the age of 30), and I could not have done it without the work you have done on this site!

  33. Brian, your tutorials are simply amazing thanks to how simple you turn these song I’m now helping out with my youth group on the guitar I’ve been learning for about a few months now but I’m only 17 so I got time, but thanks for these amazing tutorials I wouldn’t be where I am now without them!

    • Hi Jim – You are correct about using the relative major key (C for Am, etc). It will work in most cases, although it won’t convey the feel that a minor key has. We are actually very close to releasing a set of Pads in minor keys. Thanks!

  34. I just want to thank you for making PADS and Thank You for the affordable price, I am a Worship Leader In Tulsa Oklahoma, and I play guitar basically by myself this will give a fuller sound to the worship in my church. Thank you .
    Oscar Pineda

  35. Hey Brian is it possible to download these pads through itunes to my ipod classic? We are a new church plant and have very limted computer set up. Blessing

    • Hi Gary – You can use them on an iPod classic. All you have to do is download them to your computer and then sync them to you iPod using iTunes. Thanks!

  36. Ok, so I downloaded the pads, moved them into propresenter, but the duration time keeps changing from 20:00:00 to 00:00:00. not sure why. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • I’m pretty sure this got taken care of via the support system, right? Just want to make sure everything was work ok with you – thanks for purchasing!

  37. I’m wondering how to send both left and right channels to my mixer from the iPad by way of DI box? Right now I just have the iPad going into a single DI box using a cord with a stereo jack on one end and a 1/4″ on the other, but I only get one channel in the mix that way. I think only one channel has the fade out when you press the stop button on the app, so whenever I stop a track the sound in the house speakers halts suddenly instead of fading.

    • Hi Matt,

      When you come out of your iPad, you’ve got a stereo output (that’s the 3.5mm jack), and it sounds like you’ve got a cable that either goes to one (or maybe two) mono 1/4 inch jacks? Does it have two jacks on the other end of the cable? Either way, you’ll either need two direct boxes (one for the R and one for the L channels), or you could get a single direct box that is stereo – it just has 2 inputs and 2 outputs on it. Cheapest and easiest route is just to use two direct boxes, though – that way you can send both channels to the board. Which app are you using to play them back? There are a couple out there that do a crossfade kind of function – I know Worship Team Director is one. Thanks for purchasing!

  38. Hi, Just wondering if the pads have a BPM. I wanted to put them in Ableton Live and I just wanted to know if the launch tempo would effect how the pads ran? Thanks

    • Hi Stephanie – the Pads do not have a BPM associated with them. When I’ve used them in Live, I turn the warp function off. Thanks!

    • Hi Bobby – the process should be roughly the same on a Windows machine as on a Mac. You don’t necessarily have to use iTunes – the pads are just mp3 files, so you can transfer them to whatever device you like the same way that you transfer any mp3 files. Thanks – and thanks for purchasing!

    • Hello – When you buy Pads you get all of the files as mp3 files, so you can use them with any device that works with mp3’s, so yes – most Android devices will work fine – just use any app that works with mp3 files.

  39. Hey Brian,
    Used the pads for the first time this past sunday and it went really well. Do you have other pads besides the 12 listed. We do alot of songs in capo 1 G and couldn’t find a match. Any thoughts…..Please advise

  40. Hey Brian,

    I’m keyboardist to 4 years, wanted to know where I buy the VSTS or plug ins such PADS to play with my controller using Ableton Live, or if you could help me create these pads, thanks

  41. Brian, just bought your pads earlier today. Excellent work! I have a question for you regarding triggering them via a slide in ProPresenter. I have the cross-fade set to 2.0 and they’re all set to loop, but when I trigger one, then trigger another on the next song, the first one cuts off and then the second one starts. I’m on a Windows 8.1 machine running the latest version of ProPresenter, and my machine is an i7 with 16 GB of RAM. I’m sure it must be a setting somewhere, but I’m hanged if I can find it. Any thoughts?

    Ken Granger
    Friedens United Church of Christ
    Indianapolis, IN

  42. Quick update. If I go to just a background video after a song, and have the Clear Audio, or even if I attach a different pad, it fades the way it’s supposed to. But going from one song to the other it cuts off. I’ve only tried it on two songs, so I’ll some more and see what happens. Thanks for any helpful thoughts you may have.

  43. Brian, my name is Jose and i play acoustic guitar but i am not an expert, actually i have no experience whatsoever with mixing music or programs that create, mix, delay, reverb or any of the words just mentioned in the comments above, but, i believe i could use this pads, i am a solo worship team, now, like i said, i have no experience with any music program, i tried the program that comes in my Macbook Pro computer, (Garage Band) and im bearly getting the hand of that thing, so, i think the pads are an awesome idea and i can already see myself using them but, don’t know what to do, can you please show me in a video or something, any tutorial that can give me an idea on how to use the pads?? i mean i don’t want to be pressing the computer button every time i want to play the pads, as i see the comments i understand the pedals and programs help triggering the pads and switching from one to another but that’s about all i can catch from the info, now, i used to use a pedal for my heavy metal music before i came to Christ but thats about it, please help!

    • Hi Jose! You’re going to have to have some kind of computer or phone or something that you use to play the pads – some way to play an mp3 through your PA system in your church. Honestly the easiest way is to find or train a volunteer to do it for you – that’s what we do. Someone who can play them from a computer or something – they can even be in the back of the room next to the sound board and play them.

      For you to trigger them yourself, you’ll need some kind of application or software that plays them, and you’ll have to use some kind of a device (either a phone or a computer or something) that runs the sound out to the PA system.

      • Ok i bought them but i need something to trigger them with on a pedal, i tried searching on my music stores in my local area and they said they never heard of any device that can trigger sounds but that there must be some other way and it almost sounded like that guy had no idea what i was asking, unfortunately some stores dispatch you right after answering with those answers as if they aren’t interested in helping, so here i am back here Brian please help me, i am a solo guitarist, how can i do this? please help, i’d really appreciate your help, thanks for your time.

  44. Brian,
    i bought the pads and used them for the first time Sunday morning. They worked great. Really helped me out with being able to rely on them a little bit and not have to always be playing ( it was especially good since I was missing some people from the worship team that morning ). Also played solo for a prayer service Monday night and they really helped set the tone for that service. They are a great tool to have.
    Thanks for all they videos and helps that you guys are providing. It has really helped me over the last couple weeks as we are learning a few new songs for our church.

    One quick question. I am running the tracks from my iPad and i wanted to use a volume pedal to fade in/out. As long as the pedal has 1/4 input and output, I would just run out of the iPad to the pedal and from the pedal to the direct box for the PA?


  45. Hi Brian,
    I am the Worship Coordinator in our church. I think the pads are awesome. Before I purchase them I want to make sure we will be able to use them. I do not know how to make them work in our church. I tried to use the samples during our practice earlier . I played them on my mac but it seems like it doesn’t go along well with our songs when we play them. Do I have to do something else after I purchase them? Do I need an extra gadget to make it work and go well with our songs? After purchasing and downloading it on my mac do I just play it?

  46. HI BRIAN!!!
    Can you pliz teach me the acoustic version of the song I WILL SING by DON MOEN..god bless you as you read through this..

  47. It seems all the comments here are in reference to guitars. Do pads work and sound good with a keyboard . I am the only musician. I could see this adding depth to my playing. ???

    • Hi Elaine, Sure can! I would probably use a more percussive keyboard sound like a piano or something rather than an ambient sound (in addition to the pads)

  48. hey, i read somewhere that each pad is 20min long, but only the Key of A pad seems to be 20 mintutes, all the other ones are anywhere between 3:40- 6:30 minutes. am i missing something?

    • Hi ollielenge,

      Every Pad is 20 minutes. If you’re seeing shorter files, it typically means they did not completely download. You can refer to the email with the download links and re-download them. If you run into any further issues getting the full files, just send me a support request and I’ll get it taken care of. Thanks!

  49. Hey there! Was thinking of getting these Pads, just came across them! How would you connect your iPad to the mixer? What cables do you need? Thanks!

  50. Our church uses “Open song” to present. Do you know how to incorporate the fade in and out using this program? Thanks!

    • Hi Bill,

      I’m not familiar with Open Song – is it like graphic/lyric presentation software? If it supports mp3 playback, it will work with the pads.

  51. Hi Brian,
    My name is Gego George, i am from India I am an intermediate guitarist I want to be a worship leader, and by God’s grace I am working on it that was all about me. I have seen your videos first in youtube, now I really like all your song tutorials and its helping me a lot, recently I saw your video on pads, and I am so excited about it and I want to purchase it but before that I have couple of questions,

    first can we sing fast songs over these pads, songs like Happy Day, Blessed be the name, let the redeemed of lord say so?

    Secondly what if a single song has two different scales, I forget the song but I saw in one of your song tutorials you said this song change from one scale to another, so in this situation do we also need to change the pads according to the scale change?

    I am eagerly waiting for your response, thank you so much in advance.

    • Hi Gego – you can absolutely use these with fast songs – I do all the time. If a song changes keys, you’ll definitely want to change Pads, though, which means you’ll either need to sync them to a click track or something – of if you use ProPresenter, you can just attach the different key Pad file on the slide where the key change happens.

  52. So excited to incorporate Pads with our ProPresenter program we use. I am a super nontekkie and in our small church we are limited on our knowledge….my question is: HOW can I insure that the audio from ProPresenter WILL go to our house sound….
    please tell me in “baby language” how I can make certain, what we need to make it happen….
    Thank you so much! Once I hear back and hopefully with a clear explanation, we will order 🙂

  53. Good afternoon I purchased the pads we are looking forward to using them but my computer is saying Windows cannot open the folder. the Compressed (zipped) folder is invalid?
    What do I do can you help me?

    • Hi David,

      Typically that happens when the file does not completely download for some reason. I’ve created a support ticket for you and I’ve emailed you an alternate download link so you should be all set – please let me know if you do not get that email. Thanks for purchasing!

  54. Has anyone tried using the pads with Song Show Plus? They sound great from the iPod, but I’d like to tie them to SSP as is done for ProPresenter. Unfortunately, SSP squawks about codecs even though the pads play fine through windows media. Thanks for any advice!

    • Hi Pat – Lots of ways to go about it. You could play them from something like an iPhone or iPad. You could trigger them using a more complicated setup like Ableton Live and a foot controller. You could also do something as simple as setting up a playlist in iTunes or similar software and playing them from a computer in your production area.

  55. Brian,

    I’m pretty much “old school” when it comes to instrumentation and performances. However, we recently stepped things up a bit by purchasing a Yamaha MM8 keyboard. Is there a way to download and utilize all those wonderful pads within this new keyboard?


    • I’m not familiar with the MM8, but if they keyboard allows playback of an mp3, you could absolutely do it. You could also use the keyboard as a midi trigger to play the Pads from a piece of software like Ableton Live or MainStage.

    • Hi Karl – I’m assuming you’re referring to the Line 6 foot controller? You might need to download the utility that goes with the pedal from Line 6 – it will allow you to set what buttons output what midi messages.

    • Hi Bob – I’ve never set up an iPad to work with Mediashout. Do they have an app or something that you can use on an iOS device?

  56. HI Brian.

    I find the pads very resourceful in worship sessions. I just tried out some songs and played by using your sample chords here. I want to purchase them but I’m just wondering something. The major key pads I know how to make use of them, but I’m not sure how to use minor key pads. Like I saw that you used minor key pads for “I surrender”. Does it mean that it starts with a minor chord then I only can use the minor key pads? I’m a bit confused about the minor pads. Basically the question is when do I use the major pads and when do I use the minor pads?

    Thanks! 🙂

  57. Hi Brian,

    Since these are downloaded mp3 files, shouldn’t be any problem utilizing them through an iPod 2nd gen, right?

  58. Hi Brian,

    I am looking at purchasing the pads for our worship team, but I do not quite understand how they work. After purchase, I would download them from my email onto my computer and then simply add them to easy worship with our power point? So they would just run in the background until we closed out easy worship?


  59. I bought the Major Key set of worship pads several months ago and was trying to load them into my ableton live DAW ( now that I’ve finally got it working with my keyboard through a midi interface, but when I try to unzip the file through B1 it gives me an error screen saying the archive is damaged. I have tried everything I can think of to get around this but to no avail including redownloading from the original email and unloading and reloading my B1 Archive application, What should I do? Mark

  60. Hi Brian,

    I purchased the pads and it said 20 mins, I looked at the end of the song file and got about 6,7 and 9 minutes. Is it just a download problem? Is there another way to get the full set of files?


  61. What will be the difference between these pads and the new atmosphere pads that are soon to be released?

  62. Hey I’d like to use pads for my youth group. Major keys really (we rarely play songs in minor keys). What would pads vs pads 2 be good for?

  63. Hello,

    I recently purchased all 3 pad sets through PayPal. I have not received a download link. Can you help with this?

    • Hi Jonathan,

      I’ve just sent you an email with alternate download links for all 3 pads sets. If you do not see this email, please let me know. You may also send an email to [email protected] and I’ll be able to track the progress there. Thanks for purchasing!

  64. Hi, I just bought both sets of pads and downloaded the full zip file on both, but when I go to open the zip file on both I get an error message saying: Unable to expand “WT-Pads.zip” into “Downloads”. (Error 2-no such file or directory.)

    • Hi Alison,

      Thanks for purchasing! Sounds like there was some issue with the download – sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve sent you an email with an alternate download link for both sets of pads that you purchased.

    • Yes….mine did the same thing. WT-Pads.zip… (error 2-no such file or directory)… However, I downloaded them individually, and they seemed to be fine.

  65. Hi Brian

    I’m from Guatemala and i bought the pads full version some time ago, but now that i’m traying to download the tracks on my iphone i can’t. It says “invalid link” and scares me haha can you help me please?

    have a good day and God Bless!

    • Hi Deigo,

      Thanks for purchasing, and sorry for the trouble with the download. I’ve sent you an email with an alternate download link. If you don’t receive the email, please send me a message at [email protected] and I’ll get you taken care of.

  66. Hi! I just bought all three sets of pads and downloaded the full zip files. I seem to have this problem when I go to open the zip file I get an error message saying: Unable to expand “WT-Pads.zip”. How do I download the files?

  67. Brian,

    Just stumbled on this from Facebook, looks amazing and we absolutely want to utilize PADS into our worship. I literally read through all of the posts hoping to find the answer to my question but I didn’t see it.

    We use a media program called “Proclaim” which is much like Pro Presenter from what I understand. Do you know if we can sync the PADS into slides like you mentioned with Pro Presenter? Just hoping you’ve run across this before. That seems to be the easiest way to handle transitions. I’ve thought of just putting an iPod next to the sound board but then I have to trust my sound guy to follow along and push the right button… 😉

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Mark,

      I’ve never heard of Proclaim before – have you looked into it’s functionality with mp3 playback? If it can do that, it should work perfect. Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan,

      You could try the minor pads on that song to get a darker feel to it. You could also use the relative major key pad, too. For example, you could use either the C# minor pad, or you could use the E major pad (from either Pads 1 or Pads 2). Thanks!

  68. Hi Brian,

    I purchased and downloaded Pads 2. However, I could not open the zip file after I had download it. Can you send me another link that works well?

    Btw, love your music videos and tutorials! God bless!


    • Hi Wayne – thanks for purchasing! I’ve responded to your support request with some alternate download links. Please let me know if those don’t work for you, and thanks again!

  69. In your Ableton tutorial video you mentioned that used to use Ableton all the time. What setup do you currently use to run the pads?

  70. Brian, if I have a song that’s changing the chords, how do I make the pads change or adapt to that? Is it just going to be in a continuously similar tone? Not sure if I’ve understood how Pads work.

    • Hey Sid – You won’t need to change Pads for individual chord changes within a song. You just let the Pad go and play over it, and as long as you stay in the same key (no key changes, for example), it will fit just fine. The Pads have a bit of movement to them so they don’t feel stale. Hope that answers your question!

    • Hi Allen, The difference between the two pads sets is just the way they sound. They work in exactly the same way, so it’s totally up to your preference which sound you prefer better. Personally, we like to have a couple different options. We’re going to release more Pads sets in the future that include many different types of pad sounds.

  71. If your sound chain is IPAD or IPHONE -> Volume Pedal -> AMP. My concern is the mini-stereo cable output from the IPAD going to a mono-input/mono-output to and from the volume pedal. I would assume I am loosing some sound quality if I add a mono foot pedal.. Has anyone use a foot pedal and compare sound?

    • Hi Totie – I don’t think you’d really lose much audio quality doing that. If you are running the pads through a guitar amplifier, though, that will make them sound totally different, which may or may not be an improvement depending on the amp and how you have it set.

  72. I seem to remember reading in some of the information that the length of these was approximately 20 minutes…to allow for an entire worship set. However, after purchasing them, I found only the key of A is 20 minutes. The rest are much shorter…some 5 to 6 minutes. I’m confused, and curious as to what to do when I use more than one song in my set in the same key? Did I miss something? Why are they not all 20 minutes in length? (but what I do have sounds great.) thanks.

  73. would like to purchase the pads…but a little confused about the difference between Pads 1 and Pads 2 do I need them both ? …how are they different….Im on a fixed income so I dont want to purchase something twice if they are the same with a few extras….what do you suggest …I want major and minor…..can you help?

    • Hi Vince,

      The difference between Pads 1 and 2 is just the way they sound, so you don’t need both sets to use them – only if you want both pad sounds for any given major key. If you want minor keys, you’ll need to purchase the Minor Pads as well.

  74. Hi Brian,

    How are you? I just bought and downloaded Pad 1 (zip file) from my email, but for some reason as soon as i check it on my downloaded files, i cant unzip the file. Im using Mac computer. I dont know how to unzip it from mac since i’ve tried to just double click the file and it keeps on saying “unable to expand WT-Pads.zip into downloads error 2: no such file or directory” do you have any ideas. Pls help. Thank you

    • Hi JS – thanks for purchasing! I just sent you an email with an alternate download link. Please let me know if you didn’t get it or have any trouble with the download.

  75. Hi Brian,

    You are an answer to my prayers! For some time now I was struggling to keep the flow of the worship going. I would always look for sequences that just had an ambience effect but could not find anything that was simple to use. When I found your video on youtube and saw how powerful and simple to use pads were, I was blown away! Thank you so much for helping us worship leaders and providing us with these amazing tools! keep up the great work man! (By the way you are an awesome singer and guitar player!)

    • Hi Bruce,

      You would need to use software that receives a MIDI command (like Ableton Live). Then you would need to map the key you press to do whatever action you’d like. Once you set that all up you’re good to go.

  76. If I use the Line 6 midi controller and Ableton Live, what do I need as far as a computer?
    Can I use an iPad or do I need a laptop?

    • Hi Paul,

      As far as I know, Ableton is mean to be used on a computer and not a mobile device. They may have a mobile solution, but I’m not aware of it if they do.

    • Hey Paul – that looks like it would do the trick. Pretty high spec laptop. Really any modern laptop should work, as computers have been pretty fast for years now.

  77. I mount my phone and just use a Ernie ball volume pedal at this time. I have enough going on with my electric guitar pedals to try and trigger pads with my feet (at this time). This has worked pretty good so far, just have to plan it ahead and only costs a volume pedal and cable to the phone to do it.

  78. Hey Brian, first of all thanks a lot for this wonderful gift of pads… they’re really affordable and very handy. Bought them last week and was excited. Used them in the worship set last week and it was great,very helpful. Specially with the song This is our God gave a really good feel and altogether a different ambiance just like you’ve said in your videos.
    Just want to express my gratitude towards you in sharing this secret with the world. God bless you and thanks once again.

  79. I bought all the new pads, and I didn’t get the key of G? I am trying to just find somewhere I can purchase just the key of G, and I cannot find it! Anything someone can do?

    • Hi Nate – sorry I just saw this. Have you sent a support request in through the support page? I can send you an alternate link if you send that in. Thanks!

  80. Hi, I just purchased the pads 2 product and am having trouble getting started. The zipfile only downloads partially and won’t extract. Also when I attempt to open in worship team director from dropbox it says “this type of file is not supported for importing” What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Lee – I sent you an alternate download link for the Pads 2 package a while back – just wanted to follow up and make sure everything was working OK. Thanks!

  81. Hello,

    I purchased the the pads and is there a certain program needed to change keys when changing songs? Right now i’m just playing them as MP3’s and when it’s time to change songs I play whatever track that corresponds to the next key we’ll be in. I’m looking to do that seamless transition like in the promo video.



    • Hi Andrew, most music players have an adjustable Crossfade option. I happen to use Spotify on laptop and on iPad/iPhone and here’s why. Spotify will directly connect to your local (laptop) music files from iTunes, Downloads, Media Player or Music Library. You can drag and drop your Pads directly from your source into a Playlist you create for your set. In the settings panel you can adjust the crossover time length for seamless song/key transitions. It also has an auto volume leveler. With Spotify you can also stream your pads from one device to another if you don’t like, or don’t have long enough cords. The other thing I like about it is you have nonstop and unlimited worship music available for practice reference or pre service music.

      The simplest tho’ is just any mp3 player app that has crossfade option. Cheers!

    • Hi Andrew – we have a few options her eon the Pads page that show you how to do this. A lot of people like to use the Worship Team Director app on an iOS device.

  82. Hi,
    just out of curiosity, has anyone here tried running multiple pads at once for a bigger sound? For example triggering Pads 1, Pads 2 and Pads 3 at the same time(in the same key of course). have you found it to work or is it pointless or too much?

    • Hi Ben – I have done that before, actually. It can be pretty cool, but at a certain point you sort of lose the characteristics of the individual pads sets that make them unique.

  83. Hi,
    Appreciate all the work you all do for His Kingdom!

    I like the idea of the pads.
    I want to purchase some pads.
    I hope you can put them to iTunes for purchase as well. That would be really helpful and handy. As I am not very patient with how PC and Mac works sometimes, they can be a pain.

    Thank you.
    I hope you would be able to grant this little request of mine.


    • Hi Axl – We are not currently planning to make them available in iTunes – mostly because of Apple’s revenue split that they require. We’d need to charge significantly more for the Pads if we did that.

  84. Thanks for the Pads 3 Video. I was hoping Fuller and you would speak some about Pads for specific songs and general key Pads. I have downloaded Pads 1 and have tried to have them play under the Acoustic guitar, but I am not really sold on them. I have heard you play in Tutorials with Pads for specific songs, which follow the melody (?) of the song.

    Can you or Fuller speak to this.

    Q: Do standard Key Pads really flow with any song or are they more for transitions?

    • i’ve been using these for a few weeks and they flow really well with mostly all songs, its not just for transitions. they seem to have trouble flowing with old songs such as hymns and stuff but who plays hymns anymore anyway 😛

      • Hey Ben – Ha, hymns are great! Typically they have chords in them that don’t get played in most modern music, which is why the Pads sometimes clash with them. I like to simplify the arrangements and take out a lot of those chords which makes them feel a bit more modern.

    • Hi Dennis,

      For almost all Western music, the Pads will work underneath the entire song, granted you stay in the same key. You can’t do a key change, for example, unless you change the Pads as well. We use them all the time under entire songs and they work great.

      When you played along with them on guitar, what sounded off to you? Was it certain chords?

  85. Hi Brian, Bought the pads 3 the other day and received them, but unable to open them at all, managed to get them to go on my front screen? the last pads 2 I bought came through fine and was able to open and use them for church, but cant seem to be able to open pads 3 at all. Love all your tutorials has really helped me a lot. thank you. god bless. robert

    • Hey Robert – thanks for purchasing! I sent you a response through my support ticket system with an alternate download for the Pads.

  86. Is there any way to trigger the pads on an iPad, BY MEANS of a pedal?
    AND, You mentioned the stereo capability. And in passing said, a click could be used with this.
    How would you run an iPad with a click AND a pad?
    thanks, These sound great. Just haven’t been able to put them to use yet.

    • Hi Richard – I’m not sure of particular pedals that could trigger a file from an iOS device, but I’d look into bluetooth pedals. You’d need an app on your device that recognizes the pedal as well. To run a click with the Pads, you could pan the Pads to one side and use the click in the other. Or you could just run them in separate channels. It really depends on what app or software you’re using.

  87. Brian

    New to pads so this may be a dumb question. We use multi tracks for our worship sets each week. I see how the pads will give us a great fill in between the songs until the loop comes in which I am looking forward to trying. Would you keep the pads playing at the same time as our Multi tracks or just Que them towards the end and beginning of the songs and then cut them out during the song. I plan on using Pro Presenter to control the pads?

    Do use pads for all your songs or just certain ones?


    • Hey Ryan – we use multitracks as well during all our songs. Typically we have the Pads come in at the end to help us transition. Sometimes we’ll add them throughout an entire song as well – just depends on the multitrack we’re using and what kind of sounds we want.

      • Thanks Brian
        We used the pads last week for the first time and it went well. I trigger them with Propresenter and it was very smooth. The transitions between songs for us has always been that dreaded 2-3 second silence till the click trax starts so pads will help us fix that.

  88. Brian,
    Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help us bring our level of worship to the next level in glorifying God!
    I’ve explored the presenting options you’ve mentioned on the website here…maybe I’m overlooking something. We are new to using the pads in our worship, and are using the WT Director IOS app that you recommended but I’m controlling on stage in addition to playing acoustic, so at times I have to quit playing to trigger the next key.
    I’d like to find a program or app that I can use a Bluetooth pedal or similar to trigger the next key or track, but we don’t trigger the song lyrics on screen, those are controlled from the sound booth.
    We would also like to be able to trigger remotely pads to begin as the sermon ends but before the band reaches the stage to begin creating that special atmosphere.
    I could switch over to a laptop based software, have ipad or phone and mainly just want to be able to use the crossfading in between keys…the answer may be simple, but we are stumped…any suggestions? Thanks

    • Hey Jason,

      In your case, I’m going to recommend finding a volunteer and training them how and when to trigger the Pads for you. They could be positioned in production with your sound/video people. I understand it’s a difficult thing to let go of (it was for me too), but if you’re playing, triggering things, singing, leading, etc, it’s just one less thing you’d have to worry about. Another option for you might be to have someone else on stage – maybe a guitar or keys player or a drummer – trigger the pads for you.

      If you really want to be in control of it yourself, the best solution I was able to come up with was the Laptop/Footswitch/Ableton method. It’s an investment – you’ll need to have/buy a laptop and the footswitch and the software, but it becomes an extremely flexible solution at your feet. Hope this was helpful!

  89. Although in the future we’re going to try having one of the tech guys do the triggering from the back, I used my android tablet (set display to always on) with an app called cross dj free for crossfading/volume control and just had it set beside my music stand. For output i was able to just use a 1/8 to 1/4 into a DI box. Worked wonderfully.

  90. Hi Brian! I invested in PADS 1 and I love them (Planning on getting PADS2 too soon). For smaller worship sessions where there are 10-15 people in a room I usually have a little bluetooth speaker and I play pads trough it with my phone, and playing guitar over them.
    I’m thinking about connecting them to a mixer board at the church for worship. I have one question regarding that: I know I need a splitter cable for splitting one stereo 1/8inch cable to two 1/4 mono for mixing board, but do I also need a DI box for that or can I go directly from laptop’s headphone output to two inputs on mixing board?
    Thanks in advance for your answer and your time.
    Countinue with great work, I love your channel and your videos! 🙂

    • Hi Pasko – you can go directly from your phone to the board. It should work pretty easily. The only reason you’d want to use a DI box is if you run your phone from the stage.

    • Hi Trine – if the Electro 5 allows playback of mp3 files, then you can play the Pads with it. You could also use it as a midi controller to control software that is being used to play back the Pads. The Pads are simply mp3’s, though – they are not software files or sounds that can be loaded in a keyboard. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Alex – you get all the keys. Every Pads set contains all the keys (major keys for the major sets and minor keys for the minor set).

  91. Hello! I have a question: What if a single song has changes of tone/key? Like playing in G but the final chorus goes up to A?

    • Hi Luis,

      In that situation you’ll need to change the Pad file for the appropriate key when you hit the key change in the song.

    • Hello – I’m not sure which mini expression pedal you are referring to, but I’m not aware of a pedal that will control the app directly. You could output audio from the app into something like a volume pedal and then use that to swell volume up and down.

      • Sorry typo error. It should be midi expression pedal. Anyway, for volume pedal, does it has to be stereo volume pedal or mono? Or either one can be use. Thanks

  92. I downloaded your sampler and loved the pads.
    Can I purchase a sampler in the Key of G in place of a Pad Set in all keys?

    • Hi David – glad you liked them! Sorry – we do not offer any other keys for free, but you are welcome to check out any of the full Pads sets which contain all the keys.

  93. Our WorshipSong Band multitrack player has the ability to integrate pads like this into the playback, and between songs. Its available for IOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. You can configure it to use different pad sets, and they can either automatically select the key based on the song or you can play them in different keys yourself using the touch screen or a foot pedal. Check it out at http://www.worshipsong.com

  94. Have you ever tried not using pads? Sometimes silence is a really nice thing. Many rockers (Think Tom Petty) use rests and silence which actually cause individual instruments to be accented. Try starting with drum solo (4 beats), add an electric guitar riff (8 beats), and then bring in bass and vocals at the same time for a very effective sound.

    • Silence is a very powerful tool when used appropriately. We intentionally use silence a lot. The key is to be strategic and intentional with everything you do.

  95. You are all ridiculous. I’ll bet I can stop every one of your services in its tracks by turning off your laptop.


    Silence between songs is not deadly.

    You are not rock stars, but leave the L-rd in the dust by acting so.

    I pity your congregations.

    • This is a pretty bold statement you’re making, especially having never experienced one of our worship services or seen or heard our musicians or bands in person. It’s easy to make assumptions about what we do and why we do it without taking time to truly understand the reasoning behind why and how we use the technology that we do during our services.

      Pads and tracks are certainly not for every church, and I believe this is a good thing. But they can very much help elevate the excellence and the atmosphere of worship for many churches. If you would like to respond further to my comments, please refer to this post first: http://www.worshiptutorials.com/blog/faqs-haters/

  96. Hey Brian! Awesome stuff! Totally off topic but I’m in love with that guitar you have in the Pads 3 video. Can I get the details of it? It looks like an MJT custom but I can’t seem to find that color way in their catalog.

    • Hey Michael – that’s Fuller’s blue tele. He built it himself so I’m not quite sure it’s something you could actually buy anywhere.

  97. If I’m just starting out, and I’ve bought Ableton Live 9 Standard already, as there seems to be so many “Ableton Templates” out there spouting who’s is the best … can you recommend one? I didn’t really want to spend $100 bucks for that if I didn’t need to, but I know one thing; I want to be sure that I begin my ‘library’ using the right stuff (right off the bat and not changing midstream)? Thank you! Love you work and follow you constantly!

    • Hey Russel – I’m not exactly what you mean by an Ableton Template. When I used Ableton to run Pads, I sort of made my own templates and setups. I didn’t really buy anything besides the program itself to get up and running.

  98. Hi Brian,

    I saw this bundle price for Pads 4 and minor pads 2, is there more bundle options? Thanks!


  99. Love the pads, and run them from WT Director on my iPhone. However, I need a way to fade them (a volume pedal for 1/8″ cable?) so I can take our sound guy out of the loop. With WT Director, the fades are way too quick.

  100. Hi Brian!

    I bought PADS II and it is really awesome!! This PAD II changed a lot!! Anyway I would like to get some advises from you.

    In my worship team,
    I am the only one musical instrumental player and the other four are all singers who eager to stay on the stage.
    I am playing a budget friendly acoustic guitar with PADS II

    Anyway in these days I am thinking about buying Roland GR55 in order to put some variations in Sunday worship songs order.
    I think I may put the guitar string sound and synth sound together or put some piano intro with Roland GR55.
    However this is just a Youtube Knowledge.
    I don’t know whether this idea is good or useless and I don’t know the Roland GR55 will works well or not in live worship environment.

    Or! would it be just better to stick on the guitar sound rather than pursuing the other sound with guitar, and it is better to change my humble acoustic guitar to the Variax Standard with POD HD for these days modern guitar sounds? Maybe with your PAD2 and electric guitar would be just lot more better.

    I just don’t know. Please advise~ One more background info is I don’t really expect that our team will have any synth player or drum player in near future, but two of singers are learning acoustic guitar from me and the one of them is already starting helping me.

    If this Reply leave does not really fit into here please let me know I will delete it or move to the other page

  101. Just downloaded these yesterday (Pads 2 Atmosphere) Put them on my Boss RC3 looper on my board. Great sounds. Thanks

  102. Had a question about WT director iphone app. I saw the youtube tutorial on how to set it up, but I was wondering if I play a PAD, will it stop at 20mins?, or is it set up to repeat automatically on the app. I’m concerned if any particular worship song or set will exceed 20 mins and somebody would have to press play PAD again.

    Also, what kinds of cables and inputs will you need to use my iphone with WT director app on it, to connect it to a PA system. (is it 1/8 inch stereo input)?

    Thanks for the help.

    By the way, I really enjoy your tutorials and guitar lessons!!!

    • Hi Rich – That’s a good question. I don’t think you can set up the Pad to loop, so it will probably just fade out. One thing you could do if you do multiple songs in the same key is just set up a playlist with a few of the Pads in the same key (or just push the play button again. If the fades are set up correctly, you shouldn’t hear any break in the Pads.

  103. Hey Brian,

    I have question have you ever blended different pad samples together. I run Ableton using either pads 2 or 3. But I just tired running some samples with pads 2 and 3 together (running on different banks but playing at the same time). Certainly made for a full cool sound. I like how you have the high and low of certain keys so I normally run them together for a full sound. It is what inspired me to try different pad sounds together. Not sure if its something you would recommend…. what are your thoughts

    • Hey Jonathan – I actually have done that with varying degrees of success. The best advice I can give is try it and see what you think. I actually have used Pads 2 and 3 together and those worked well. If you really want to get wild, though – try a major key Pad and it’s relative minor from either Minor Pads 1 or 2. So you’d use C major and A minor, for example. It sounds pretty huge.

  104. I’m not in a worship band, but saw a video for the Pads while checking out vids on Youtube. Great idea and they really do fill out acoustic songs. I picked up the major and minor Pads and I’m using them while playing scales on bass or messing around with chords / song ideas. Kudos!

  105. hey guys. Just a little question. Wich android app do you recomend for using the pads with? Because of my local churchs requirements, i should trigger just live from the stage. Help me out please! thanks.

    • We actually simply have an Android tablet up in the Sound booth and use Dropbox to share the pads. The MP3 player built into Dropbox is nothing special, but you really don’t need anything more than a play button and a progress bar (so you know if you’re coming too close to the end and need to do a quick jump back during the next musical swell :).

    • I’ve been looking for a good Android app also. Haven’t found anything that will easily let you create a playlist and manually crossfade. I’ll update if I find anything.

  106. I try downloading the zip file for Pads 5 but I get a message that says zip file is invalid.
    Is there an alternate link where I can download the zip file?

  107. If you could give me a solid hardware strategy to operate this with my foot while I play guitar I would buy it. I play through a PA.

  108. Hey there! Every other week we run an acoustic cafe service. Are there any Pads that you think work better then others underneath an very small acoustic set up?

  109. Hello, I recently discovered the pads and it has been amazing. Let just ask this question, What if I’m playing a song in the key of G and I have my capo on the second Fret. Which Pads will I use? The pads in the Key of G or the pads in the Key of A. Please assist me. Thanks

  110. So I’m thinking ipod to volume pedal to DI to sound board, which would at least give me the ability to fade in/out with my foot. But that would limit my ability to crossfade, right? I don’t have tech support to crossfade at the board. Does this sound like a reasonable solo setup? Recommend any particular volume control? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Gary – If Easy Worship has a way to implement mp3’s into their workflow, you can use the Pads with it. You might reach out to Easy Worship support and see if they can help. I’ve never personally used the program before.

    • Hi Gary – there is not a limit to how many times you can download the Pads. You are able to use them on as many devices as you want as long as you own them (in other words, you can’t give them to a friend or another church).

  111. Hi Brian, i am learning how to play i surrender from your lesson, what pad i can use with i surrender, and what pad i can use as background on sunday when i am preaching. God bless you

    • Hey Pastor Leo – you’ll want to use the Pad that corresponds with the key. So for I Surrender, you can use either the Dm pad or even the key of F pad if you’re in the same key as the album. When you’re preaching, you can use whatever Pad you want, but it’s best to use the key of the song you’ll play after the message. Makes for a smoother transition.

    • Hi Katherine, we currently do not allow that kind of a license with a regular purchase of Pads. If you’re interested in using them in a project, just send us an email at [email protected] and we can work something out.

    • Hi Christopher – I’m not sure Pads like these that included all the major scale changes within a key would work – they would have to be at least tied to a specific progression or note within the scale at least at some point.

  112. Hi Brian, I use WT Director pretty regularly with our youth band. I would like to transition to using my MacBook Pro instead of iPad. Do you know of a free (or cheap) program where I can play pads and have transitions on a Mac? Thank you!

    • Hi Jeremy – that’s a good question. I’ve only used much more expensive and involved systems on a laptop before (Ableton Live, for example), so I’m not really familiar with free and simple apps that work from a desktop environment. I’ll check into that.

  113. How do I change the order of the pads in Present mode so the one’s I’m using that day are on top?

    • Hello,

      How do you suggest modes be covered? For example, can a song in G Lydian be covered by a pad in the parent key of D? We’re playing Lincoln Brewster’s Power of Love it raised that issue.

      • Hi David – the Pads don’t work as well when you use different modes. Usually the song that exposes this is Revelation Song (it’s in Mixolydian). I’m not familiar with that particular Lincoln Brewster song, though.

    • Hi Mike – are you talking about with WT Director? I believe you can create playlists that match the songs you’re doing for the day. So in each playlist just re-arrange the order of the Pads.

  114. So if I am playing a pad through a tablet or phone, and switch to a pad in a different key, is there a cross fade function built in? Thanks!

  115. Im trying to find out as much as I can about pads before i make a decision, how do you crossfade pads between songs easily and on the fly while I’m on stage. no clue on the crossfade.

    • Hi Kendall – you’ll need to use software or an app that supports crossfading. My favorites are using ProPresenter or WT Director – we have tutorial videos on both of them.

  116. Hi Team

    I’m looking at purchasing some of these.

    Can I check between the difference of the 5 standard pads, and me playing guitar in a minor key, and the minor key pads?

    So if I’m looking to play my guitar in Fm can the standard pads support that underneath or do I have to have one of the minor pad sets?

    Thank You

    • Hi Steve – you can download the free sample pack and try out each set. If you’re playing in a true minor key, you’ll need the minor pads.

  117. I recently bought the WT Pads (all of the bundles). I thought, “OK, if they’re not great, it’s not that big a loss.” Was I surprised! These pads are AWESOME! I play them off my iPad Mini through the WT Director app, using a Focusrite iTrack Dock (through a DI into the church’s PA system). I set the dock on a stool next me when playing guitar or drums and I can fade the pads in/out using the dock’s volume control. They’re a solid base under a worship song. It’s like having another keyboardist! They also add a really nice touch during prayer and scripture reading. I especially like starting prayer & scripture reading quiet, then slowly fade in the pad. These pads are well worth the money. Kudos to the team at WT.

  118. Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great resource that greatly enhances worship that I get to help lead! I have used your pads for a while in a Sunday service and lately in youth led service. The pads just seems to add the atmosphere that’s missing and help focus worship in the proper direction. Every time a new set comes out, I think do we really need another set of pads…and then quickly enter my credit card info because they just seem to get better and better. So thank you for your hearts of worship and the blessing that you guys are to believers everywhere!

  119. Hi Fellas, have just started using Worship Team Director, can’t find anywhere else to ask this question. When I plug the headphone jack in, it stops the fade in fade out function of the app on my Ipad. Do you know any fix to this. Kind regards Mal Munro (Pastor – Bayside Church Victor Harbor South Australia)

  120. Are these pads mono or stereo? We’re trying to figure out whether we’re gonna need to run a stereo or mono set up from the laptop. Thanks in advance.

  121. I’m really interested in pads, and would happily purchase a pack of 6, rather like the pad bundle. However, is there any way I can purchase any 6 sets of my choice? I wanted to include the two minor pads and, because I’m mainly playing celtic worship, don’t want so many of the major, modern sounding pads

    Is there a bundle offer available to purchase a sellection of my own choice?

    • I second that question! I’d like to be able to pick and choose which ones I’m actually purchasing. Would you consider selling them individually?

  122. I need a pad that has a “Vibrato” or “Pulsing” pad for lack of a better term that will work with the song “Do It Again” from Elevation Worship. Any ideas?

    • Hey Mike – any general purpose base Pad like this would be tough to do with a pulse, since a pulse would tie it into a specific tempo. You’d probably want to make one specifically for that song, and then play to a click track for it to sound right.

  123. Can these be used in commercial recordings – for example as part of a personal E.P that is for sale on ITunes?

  124. After downloading your pads to my I-Mac computer, how do I transfer them to my I-Pad so I can play them through my church sound system. Thanks, Tom

  125. If you are a Propresenter user and play a huge setlist every week then these are for you! If you want to free up some space in the music for your keys players and ambient guitar players to play different things and add different textures to your worship songs, these are for you!

    I have been using these every week and they work wonders. Now my Keys Player can focus on adding more depth and space to our sound and I can focus on playing more lead ambient guitar parts (if that’s even a thing… Haha). Thanks to Brian and anyone else who contributed to WT.

    • Thanks Michael! We use them in ProPresenter most of the time too – it’s so easy. And yes – lead ambient guitar parts are totally a thing 🙂

  126. Purchased the entire set of pads yesterday, but can’t use them as WT Director won’t allow access to iTunes (brief white screen and then returns to main WT screen) – either on iPhone or iPad . WT support team are not available to advise. Have you had other users encounter a similar experience – any suggestions would be welcome

    • Hi Gerard – sorry for the problem with WT Director, and thanks for purchasing! Have you sent in a support request? I’ve just answered all of them and I don’t think I saw one from you (although I answered a few regarding WT Director). We did not develop the app, so I can’t offer much support on it, but I have been able to successfully get the import to work through iTunes.

      I would recommend making sure that WT Director and iOS are updated to the latest versions, and you also need to make sure that the files are physically on your device rather than in the cloud. If you’re still having issues, you might have luck by uninstalling and then re-installing the WT Director app. Sorry for the trouble with it – it’s an older app that really hasn’t been developed much over the past several years.

      • Hi Brian. Tried all your recommendations, but problem remained. Tried a support request but can’t submit one as help page link just says “WorshipTeam.tv is currently upgrading and will be back up momentarily”. Was on verge of giving up and came across related app Small Group Director. Seems identical to WT Director. Installed it, it worked immediately !

    • Hi Amber – I’m not sure if the Nords can play back mp3 files – if they can then they’ll be able to play back Pads. The Pads are simply mp3’s, so they’ll work in any hardware or application that can play mp3’s. Thanks!

  127. Hello, this is a great resource to use for me considering I don’t have the budget for in ears and loops! Thank you so much!

    I have one quick question that I can’t find the answer to. What if I want to change pads in one song? For example, if I want the 1st verses of a particular song to be mellow and the chorus of the same song to lift the atmosphere, and for the bridge to feel like it is building, what should I do?

    I have ableton and I am able to control the changes through a footswitch. I’m just not sure if I should stack 2 pads together in the chorus, change the pad, or something else.

    Thank you so much for taking your time and reading to this. I hope it makes sense.

    • Hey Jordin – you could basically set up a playlist where when you advance to the next Pads during the song itself (if I’m understanding what you’re trying to do correctly). The easiest thing, though, would just be to have your sound guy turn them up during the bigger parts of the song. We do that all the time – basically your sound person can play the Pads like an instrument and bring them in louder for parts and quieter for others.

  128. How do you cross fade between songs for different keys. I have loaded in my ipad and running through my music. I use easy worship/ CCLI at church for worship. Thamks

    • You’ll need to use an app or software that supports crossfading. For iOS devices, the Soundboard Studio Lite app works well. Easy Worship I think supports it, too.

  129. I just purchased a fire tablet and was hoping to use it to play pads. It that possible? Where can I find instructions to get it on the tablet? Thanks

  130. Can we not upload sermons or videos online that has these pads audibly in the background? I got a copyright strike because this pad was playing in the background during a sermon I uploaded from my church. The strike says:
    Pads (a) – Josue Ismael
    Sound recording
    0:51 – 1:53 play match
    On behalf of: Josue Ismael
    Monetized by copyright owner

    Is this incorrect? Can I dispute the copyright claim?

  131. Hello I’m new to Pads, but before I purchase them I would like to know could I use them even though I use my capo a lot???

    Thanks so much in advance.

    God bless!

  132. Bought the pads and love them. Got tons of comments from the congregation (“Sounded great today, not sure what was different but everything seemed more connected!”). Didn’t think it would make much difference but I was wrong.

    Quick question, we want to move into a click track next. I watched your video about using Prime with multitracks but we aren’t ready for full multitracks yet. Do you know of a way to have the pads playing on one side and a metronome generator on the other side? That would work for us. Thanks!

  133. Hi!
    I’m not sure how deep your tech support goes but I have an odd problem.
    I bought Pads 2 and Love it!
    My issue is this: I can’t make the sounds come out thru the outboard sound card! I am running this along with Native Instrument Kontak 5 software. The software plays thru the outboard USB card but the Pads some how default to the built in speakers.
    Equipment is:
    Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    i7 core processor
    8gb RAM
    Windows 10 Pro
    Presonus Audiobox USB


  134. These pads really add an element to your worship room that is incredible. The way it makes you feel walking into the room with a layer of nothing but sound, it just helps set the mood so much more. I may only use pads for pre-worship music from now on honestly. I only purchased Pads 2 (Atmospheric), 5 (Simple) and 7 (Ambient Guitar) but that was more than enough for me honestly. I used them already this morning for the song of response/invitation time with just the piano and our worship leader and I’m just ecstatic to use them when a full band is playing. And I really enjoyed how their “how to” videos helped me understand how to set up the pads just right for what I want to accomplish. It just made this whole process of adding pads even more enjoyable. Really appreciative of their work.

  135. Hi, I’m recording a few worship songs and I believe a good pad ensemble would really bring out the essence of the messages in them.

    Can you build customized pads for these songs? Let me know how we can discuss further on this, you can send me a direct email. Thank you.

  136. How large are the Pads .mp3 files. I’m wondering if I can play them on my cell phone and run the output to the main system via a mixer. For example how many Mb does all of the keys for Pads 3 require. Thank you.

  137. If we are doing a live recording at our church, are we authorized to use these pads in the background?

  138. how do I use worship pads with a Hammond SK-1 Keyboard Organ and a Yamaha MOXF8 Keyboard Synthesizer? Can they be added directly to the onboard system of each keyboard or do it through some other means. I’m pretty new to using pads in a worship setting.

  139. We have a Montage 8 Synthesizer Keyboard at our church. Can I use the PADS on this? Is it accessible by a flash drive? Or do I need to connect a computer tablet? Any information would help. Thank you!

  140. i bought several pads bundles and can only find a few individual files in my computer now. I’ve been on the phone with Apple to try to find the files with no success. Is there any way you can resend them to me?

  141. We have bought several of the Pad packages and really like using them. due to the current social distancing rules we are now streaming our services through a YouTube channel. We have all the requisite CCLI & streaming licenses but the question was asked if we are legal to use the pads in our worship recordings? Could you guys clarify that or give us some guidance?
    Thanks – Kim

  142. Am I able to put these pads in the presentation software “Worship Extreme” like in ProPresenter?

  143. How do I use the pads on a midi daw? How do they work within a daw? How do I control sounds via mid? I saw an example with a guy playing the guitar, but how do they understand the chords? What is the way of working? When I play a chord sequence on the keyboard in my daw, how does he understand it through midi?

  144. You only offer two minor pad packages.Do you anticipate more coming? the Gregorian is too dark for many songs. For major key songs I usually layer multiple pad packages but for the minor key there is just one. I have all the pad packages.

    Additionally, can a MAJOR pad be played for a MINOR song?

    e.g. Em, is the relative minor for G.

    Can a G pad be played with an Em song?

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