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Become the Most Effective Worship Leader You Can Be


We Built This Course Because We Want You To Succeed.

The Worship Manual is series of online courses designed to help you become the most effective worship leader you can be. Volume 1 contains 50 videos broken into five modules. Consider this your Worship Leader 101 course.


Worship Leading is Far More Than Just Playing an Instrument and Singing

In fact, that’s just a tiny part of what goes into leading well. In this course, you’ll learn how to manage expectations, how to lead yourself and your teams well, how to approach your relationship with your pastor and other staff members and church leadership, and much, much more.


Who are Brian and Fuller?

The content of this course is presented by Brian Wahl and Brian Fuller. Together, we (the Brian’s) have decades of experience leading worship in churches both large and small. To learn more about us, you can preview the “Who We Are…” videos below.