Pads – Free Sample Pack


With the Free Sample Pack, you get one full-length mp3 file from each of our Pads sets. The Sample Pack includes:

  • Key of D (from Pads 1)
  • Key of D (from Pads 2 – Atmospheric Pads)
  • Key of D (from Pads 3 – Cinematic Pads)
  • Key of D (from Pads 4 – Evolving Pads)
  • Key of D (from Pads 5 – Simple Pads)
  • Key of D (from Pads 6 – Shimmer Pads)
  • Key of D (from Pads 7 – Guitar Pads, both regular and ‘Ambient’ versions)
  • Key of D (from Pads 8 – Wondrous Pads)
  • Key of D (from Pads 9 – Celestial Pads)
  • Key of D (from Pads 10 – Luminous Pads)
  • Key of Bm (from Minor Pads)
  • Key of Bm (from Minor Pads 2)
  • Key of Bm (from Minor Pads 3)

No click track necessary to use these files – simply play them underneath a song in the same key. These are the full 20 minute versions of the Pads files.  //  To learn more about Pads and to purchase the full Pads sets, visit the Pads page.

The previews above are 2 minute samples. The actual files are 20 minutes long each.

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Pads provide the music base and/or sound bed for many types of worship environments. They provide the atmospheric ambiance that lies beneath everything else. They fill in the gaps and help the music sound big and full. During intimate times of worship, pads bring an element of emotion and warmth. Just hit play in the previews above and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Let’s hear it in action

To really illustrate what Pads do, listen to this song below – the ambient background music is from our Pads 2 (Ambient Pads) set:

No click track necessary

These pads are not progression specific. Simply play the pad in the key that your song is in, and any progression in that key will work. Give it a try – play the samples at the top of the page and play any progression in the key of the pad you are playing. The pads will sit underneath and sound beautiful. You can play on top of these pads with any instrument – keys, guitars, etc.

Awesome transitions

When you finish a song, let the pads continue. Let them play during prayer moments. Bring them in towards the end of a moving sermon or talk. Crossfade between pads in different keys for smooth transitions from a song in one key to a song in another key. During your worship sets, you can have a music bed that never stops playing, which makes for a much more cohesive worship experience.

They sound great

In our worship services, during intimate times of spiritual direction and worship, we often combine a warm keyboard pad with guitar swells. We have recreated that sound with these pads. They will fill the space by themselves, or sit nicely underneath a band mix.


Files are available in 320K mp3, which works great for live use. If files are too large (WAV), they can tax system resources on your computers or devices that you are using for playback. These high bit rate mp3’s will sound great and won’t crash your devices.

Use them in any software

Because these pads are in WAV and mp3 format, you can use them with anything. Load them into an iTunes playlist. Bring them into Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, or any other DAW. Play them straight from your smartphone or tablet. Whatever workflow your band or church uses, these pads will fit.

To purchase the full Pads sets and for more info, including how to use them in multiple different scenarios, visit the Pads page.


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