Kemper Performances

Our Kemper performances replicate the tones from popular worship songs, so you can get the sound from the album at the push of a button.


Our Kemper Performances will help you nail the sounds from the album. All our performances utilize the Kemper Remote, and all the effects/sounds are included in the Performance itself (including the amp profiles).

Latest Perfomances

All-Purpose Performances

All purpose performances are designed around specific profiles, and are intended to be used in a wide variety of settings. They work with the Kemper Remote, and give you multiple drive, deley, reverb, and modulation options..

All Song-Specific Kemper Performances

Song performances are designed to mimic the guitar sounds for specific worship songs. Each performance utilizes the Kemper Remote for simple recall of specific song sections (detailed in the ReadMe file associate with each performance).

Each performance contains a full play-through demo video of the song.