Kemper Performances

Our Kemper performances replicate the tones from popular worship songs, so you can get the sound from the album at the push of a button.


Our Kemper Performances will help you nail the sounds from the album. All our performances utilize the Kemper Remote, and all the effects/sounds are included in the Performance itself (including the amp profiles).

Latest Perfomances

All-Purpose Performances

All purpose performances are designed around specific profiles, and are intended to be used in a wide variety of settings. They work with the Kemper Remote, and give you multiple drive, deley, reverb, and modulation options..

All Song-Specific Kemper Performances

Song performances are designed to mimic the guitar sounds for specific worship songs. Each performance utilizes the Kemper Remote for simple recall of specific song sections (detailed in the ReadMe file associate with each performance).

Each performance contains a full play-through demo video of the song.



  1. Hello! I dig the Kemper performances of yours that I have purchased — the Red MK2 and Match HC30. However, the volume of those performances are significantly lower than that of the other performances that I have purchased.

    Could you tell me how I can adjust to overall volume of just those performances so that I can maintain the balance of amp + effects that you guys worked to achieve?


  2. Hello! I purchased several of your Kemper performances — Red MK2 and Match HC-30. I love them! However, the overall volume of those performances is quite a bit lower than my other performances. Do you know how I might raise the volume of the overall performances — effects, amps, and all — without throwing things out of balance? Thanks!

    • Hey buddy, here’s what I do – using the volume knob (the one that just says volume not master volume), adjust all patches in the performance the same amount – this means that the sound will stay the same, unlike changing it from within effects! Just remember to save every time you change the volume of each separate patch, because it won’t remember it once you move to the next patch otherwise.

  3. Hey Brian! I absolutely love your Kemper performances. Can we expect any new Kemper performances coming our way any time soon?

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