Kemper Profile Packs

Our Kemper Profile packs deliver the incredible tone of classic tube amps to your Kemper.

Each Kemper Profile pack includes options for single coil and humbucker guitars with the amps dialed in just right. We also include performances for each pack as well as effects layouts in the profiles themselves, so they’re ready for the stage immediately.

Ty HM30 – Kemper Profile and Performance Free Sample Pack


Kemper profile and performance Sampler pack based on a Tyler HM30 (Vox AC30/Matchless DC30 inspired amp). The free sample pack includes all the profiles (10 total) and two performances from the Jumped channel.


UK 30 TB – Kemper Profile and Performance Pack

$19.99 $9.99

Kemper profile and performance pack based on a 2002 Korg-era Vox AC30/6 Top Boost with Celestion Blue speakers. We’ve profiled both the Normal and Brilliant channels, as well as both channels jumped. You also get a fully featured performance designed to cover everything you’d need with our favorite profiles. Includes options for both single coils and humbuckers.