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Whether you’re just starting out or looking to go to the next level, our guitar lessons will help you get there.

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  1. Awsome – I love the way you make available popular worship songs – wish I had these resources when I was younger and just starting out with music – I believe this program will help a lot of people – you have my prayers.

  2. That’s great! I always wanted to learn some fingerpicking and how to transpose. thanks for taking the time to do the tutorials. they have helped me alot with my praise and worship time at church.

  3. This looks great and has many of the songs I want to learn.  i ALSO WANT TO incorporate more fingerpicking into my playing. Yo, Sonya , do you know about this web site.  You could actually use it with the yutes.  You can borrow my (now Eda’s laptop with the 17″ screen and use it in the band room/   It has all the songs on the CD I gave you and more including “How he Loves”  I’m working on How Great is our God  right now. , Phil

    •  @spiritphilled Thanks, Phil! One thing – if you were trying to pull your friend Sonya into the conversation (through twitter or facebook), I’m not sure it worked. If you try again, make sure and use the “@” before typing her name and you should get a drop-down where you can select her profile.

  4. hello Brian is all this stuff free on your site , there are a lot of songs to be acceessed what do you teach exactly

    •  @alan spain  Hi Alan. Yes – all this content is free. I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but if there are lessons above that don’t have links, it is because I’m planning to do them in the future at some point. Right now, I’m just getting started in this series, so many of the lessons are currently planned for the future and aren’t finished yet, but they will be.

  5. Also looking forward more tutorial for the Key E and so on.
    Brian i hope you can post more about strumming tnx.

  6. I’m 51 years old. I’ve been playing since I was 18. In all that time I have NEVER been able to play in E or B. Because I have never been able to make a decent B. You fixed that in 12 minutes. My worship team will be very happy! Thank you! I play a 35 year old, upgraded Guild D-25. It is a big guitar with a wide neck. As the years have gone I’ve gotten some nerve damage in my hands. It makes barre chords more difficult. You have opened up a whole new ability in me by showing so clearly alternative chord shapes. I’m looking forward to more.

    •  @RichardWilke Thanks so much! In most cases you can get around barre chords just fine. There are situations where you don’t have many options, but they are rare.

  7. Please do a tutorial on Matt Papa’s “Open Hands” I love this song but can’t find an instructional anywhere. Thanks.

  8. When are you carrying on with the chords section ie key of C etc, loving it so far well done and god bless

  9. where is the “chords in the key of C” you are great by the way! so thankful to that im finally learning to play 🙂

    • Thanks, Pamela! Glad to hear you’re learning. I’ve just started a new job about a month ago, so I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t done a lot of videos lately, but I’m still planning on continuing this series. I’ll do a few more this coming week. Thanks for commenting!

  10. I just used the donate via PayPal feature. This ministry is so valuable. I played while leading worship Wednesday night for the first time. The only lesson resource that I have used to learn to play are the lessons Brian has posted. Both of my sons are now playing also because of this ministry. Anxiously waiting the other listed lessons brother! Thanks for what you do!!

  11. Hiya

    this has been helping me so much to start making my childhood dream come true and learn playing the guitar. Are the tutorial video lessons still available? Thank you so much for your work and blessings.

    • Hi Micha – that is awesome, thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m still making more tutorials, and they are all still available. Just check out the tutorials section on the menu above.

  12. Glad to have stumbled up on your site. I have been toying with a guitar for a long time and now I am determined to GET SERIOUS about it. I am a worship leader and have prayed for help, I believe I got an answer, thanks sooooo much!

  13. Hi. I stumbled across your YouTube videos by chance. I had to stop taking lessons (I only had 3) due to some financials and was getting really frustrated and depressed about not being able to get a handle on learning guitar. Your videos have re-inspired me and are a real blessing. As a youth pastor I have really been wanting to learn to step up our worship and this has really helped. When I can I intend on doing some Skype lessons with you. Thank you again and God Bless.

  14. Brian, our Church’s praise team have used your videos in the past to learn many songs that were originally played with instruments we did not have. The videos have been an inspiration. Our church is small and because of you, I have been inspired to pick up guitar. I just watched your barre chord video, it really helped. I can honestly say that I would not be on stage now without your lessons. Having only played 7 mo, it was your lessons and christian cover video’s that really got me moving from just being able to play a chord to being able to play a song. I thank you for all you do. Keep the faith and know there are many people out there praising God in new ways because of you!

  15. Brian, thank you so much for having this web site. I’m 60 years old and just retired and taking up the Acoustic guitar. One of my bucket list items it makes my heart sing with joy to play christian music. God bless and thank you again.

  16. Brian, what a blessing to find this tutorial worship songs site! Truly a blessing to me on my past beginner self- taught- guitar skills on acoustic! Can’t wait to make donations! Wow, what a blessing!!

  17. I’m learning a lot of worship songs from you bro Brian, Thanks for your time in posting the videos, hope to see a lot more coming 🙂

  18. Brian, your site and the work you are doing for the Lord has been a true blessing to me. I have been playing for several years and was looking for a site like yours to pull it all together. You have my prayers and I will definitely be purchasing the Pads as well, what a wonderful enhancement even if you are just playing alone. Thanks again brother.
    In Christ

  19. Thank you for teaching all of the people it was so good. Thank you. Joshue (7 years old). Mum says: we were so glad to find your guitar lessons online for our son as private lessons havent been posible for us. You explain things very clearly. And its great for you to be teaching the Christian songs we love!! Only just started learning but very expectant!! Thanks so much Brian.

  20. This is just so so wonderful. Really felt lead to learn guitar even more, as there’s a gap at church. So rejoining worship team as a guitar player and vocalist. I’m so SO SO excited to have this as a resource. I have no doubt that our small but passionate team will find this so incredibly helpful. Thank you.
    My husband and I can’t afford to get me lessons, this is just such a huge blessings. Thank you thank you thank you

  21. Thanks for these valuable lessons. I was searching for guitar lessons online and now I found it. Thnkx for the song tutorials that u r giving. Thankx a lot.. God Bless You. Always in prayers.

  22. Hey Brian… Thanks for all these videos. I want to surprise the girl i love with “truly madly deeply” and “i knew i loved you” from Savage Garden. I started a week ago and i really hope that by July i can make real progress. I cant practice everyday but i am doing my best. Thanks for the videos again. I would appreciate any tips for this crazy romantic haha.

  23. This is amazing. I came across this site where I’m searching for websites thay have this. I just started playing guitar for my church and I have some knowledge of music. Guitar is my second instrument and I wanted to learn all of this which this website has! Keep the great work going!

  24. Hey Brian……..Love your videos and tutorials and was wondering if you could do one for “In Christ Alone”. Keep up the great work….you are greatly appreciated.

    James Jones
    Asheboro NC

  25. Thank you so much for this blessed website. I am so much blessed with your hardwork as I wanted to learn guitar to worship the lord with all I can. Lord bless u and the works of your hands. Definitely this will b added as a blessing for u n ur generation. Such a blessed man of God. When people in the world do anything and everything for money, its a wonder having pple like you doing such good services to humanity. PRAISE THE LORD

  26. Hello Brian! , very blessed with your tutorial videos, right now I’ve decided audition as an acoustic guitar player at our church but someone told me that before I auditioned i should learn first things like add9, 7th, suspended, inverted and open chords. He told me also to study about pentatonic scale, major scale and triad. Oh well, hope you could help me with this 🙂 by the way I am a student from Philippines 😀

  27. Hi Brian ! i’m from morocco and i’m taking your guitar lessons as my very first , and its paying off real good . So thank you very much

  28. I am a beginner and find your tutorials very helpful but I cant get the ringing to go away when I play a chord I strum any cord and it vibrates a lot is this normal or is their something that the I’m doing wrong or the guitar? help please.

    • This is totally normal. It will begin to go away as your fingers get stronger and you practice more making sure they are in exactly the right position (don’t let your fingers touch the other strings around them)

  29. Hello sir. I don’t know english well. But i really want to say thank u sir. Am a common poor person. And i never even thought about guitar. But thank you sir with your’s tutorial videos my impossible dreams became true. Actually i don’t know english well sir. If here any mistakes please ignore sir. thank you sir thank u thank u thank u so much.

  30. Hey Brian, I’m starting the guitar.I need a lot of advice.Before the end of spring I have to know.Its because someone at church is going that is trying to teach me, but it’s not going well. Any advice?

  31. please I really want to learn how to play like incense by hillsong but it was done in key of F and I don’t know how to play it please I need your help.

  32. Hey Brian, thanks for all your dedication to WT. I really enjoy the watching and learning. I have a few questions. When you first started playing how many hours would you practice a day or week? How long did it take you to be able to sing and play at the same time? How long did it take your your finger tips to stop hurting? How many years have you been playing. Sorry for all the questions at the same time. Thanks!! Tony

    • Hey Tony,

      I can’t say I remember how many hours a week I practiced when I first started – it’s been over 20 years ago (man, I feel old now, ha). I do remember playing a lot. And I actually started singing and playing right from the start – I knew I wanted to sing while I played so I never even practiced guitar without singing a song. I also remember my fingers hurting, but that goes away within a few weeks if you keep at it.

  33. Brian….I really appreciate your works…am grateful with all my heart….. thanks for the lessons… God bless… you’ve helped me a LOT!.

  34. Hey Brian,

    This is inspiring: My question is:

    For a Beginner ,
    Are we to go through the list of the lessons as they’re laid out

    Or, perhaps do a lesson learning chords

    then switch to a lesson in rhythm

    It would be easier if they were numbered
    and you prolly know what’s the best order

    that’s my only criticism bro

    thanks a bunch though

    • Hi David,

      My thought was to sort of work through the list. Learn the chords first and then some basic rhythm. I suppose it would be good to interject some rhythm lessons in as you learn chords as well. I’m actually planning a completely revamped beginner guitar course soon that will be laid out in order. Thanks for the feedback!

  35. Hello Brain sir, this is praveen from india…Your lessons are quite enough for learning guitar…Now these days i learning guitar…saw your was amazing…Thank you

  36. Hello Brian ….. thank you for the lesson on 10000 reasons (bless the lord) by matt redman, done in 2012 ..and yes its 2015 and youtube is still around

  37. hello Brian…. please I know this is on so short notice but I can’t find any simple chord to play the song : he shall reign forevermore by Chris Tomlin. I want to do a presentation in a couple of days. can you help??..I need just the chord progressions.
    also how do I get to figure out these progressions on my own.??? #thanks a million.. I am so grateful

    • Hi Grace – there are a lot of places out there where you can find chord charts, although in my experience they are not always accurate. I’m not sure we’ll be able to get to that song soon, so I’d recommend looking it up over at

  38. Brian thank you for you and your team who have place so much hard work into this website to help us not only as musicians but also as worship leaders enhance our skills and knowledge 🙂 much appreciate it bud
    It really helps me as a worship leader to stay fresh with new techniques and unique was to lead worship, so thank you I really appreciate what I have been able to learn from you guys

  39. Hello BRIAN I have a problem on guitar note,I was play a song on Key G (OUR GOD by Chris tomlin)and the guy who was playing the paino ask me the chords which I was play and I told him which was ,CHORD of Em C G Am and D. and he ask me what are the sofas I was play I was not able to tell him.please SIR BRIAN can you tell me the chord sofas..that is my biggest problem when ever am play how can song in church because they always say I don’t know what am play….please sir BRIAN please I need to know the sofas chord(DO RE MI FA SO LI TI DO)please I need your help sir…….

    • Hi Joseph – I’m not sure what you mean by the ‘sofas’. Do you mean the individual notes that make up the chords? Your piano player should know that, I would think. Sorry – I’m just a bit confused by the question.

  40. hey Brian really appreciate what yo doin bro…… the youth ministry in my church in Uganda has been blessed by the tutorials.GBU

  41. hello Brian. in your 1st finger picking lesson, you pointed out the variations in root notes of different chords. how exactly do you know them???… eg. Em and the rest… I don’t want to guess… thanks a lot

  42. Hey Brian, Thank you for all these lessons, they are great, and I have learn a lot of them. Which song do you recommend and is not to difficult with chords and strumming patern? I like to start with a easy one.
    (sorry for my english, but it is not my native language).

    Thanks, Susanna

  43. Hey Brian,

    I was wondering if you have some Rhythm electric guitar lessons? Some weeks I am the only electric guitar player so need to find a nice mix between rhythm and lead lines. My chord range is a bit limited to open chords usually using a capo, power chords which don’t always suit the song or barre chords which can sound a bit muddy to my ears.

    I’m looking for chord shapes and voicings that I can use for rhythm playing but that aren’t just following what the acoustic guitar is doing… I know a little bit about triad shapes already but they don’t always fill the space nicely (although I have only learnt the ones on the thinnest three strings so perhaps learning meatier sounding ones would be better). Are there any other chord shapes I could look at? Maybe some form of mini-barre chords, etc?

    I hope you can help! Thank you so much for all you do.

    • Hi Sam – we don’t have any specific electric rhythm guitar lessons yet – but we do have some chord voicing lessons that might help you. I’m actually planning a ‘how to transition to playing electric guitar from acoustic guitar’ type of lesson series in the future.

  44. EYY sir bry!!!u did a reaaly great job!!i thank God for creating such an awesome creatures like u!it helps me a lot in my guitar skills and it helps me to build more stronger relationship with God…salute SIR!

  45. I’m pretty new to playing guitar. I love having all of your videos to help me and walk me through some of the struggles.
    Thanks Brian.

  46. Hi my name is Kwame I want to section in YouTube and then I found you recording pitching lessons for guitar I am a member of Church of Pentecost Brooklyn Dynamics I’m finding it very difficult to pray in my check I need your help please right back or call me back my telephone number is 347 552 3 3 86 may God bless you hope to hear from you soon thank you

  47. Thx Brian u really helped me. I’m the light tech in my church and I want to be the acoustic player

  48. Hi Brian, I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been learning to play acoustic guitar the past two years and watching your videos and using many of your recourses has helped me out tremendously. I would say you have the best tutorial videos hands down and I’ve viewed a lot. God in using you in great ways sir. Thank you again.

  49. Hi Brian,
    I am practicing these days KEY OF G.My guitar is Yamaha F310 . When I switch G to C , I don’t get the good sound.Plus how to stretch left hand for chords? or do I need a smaller guitar than F310? Wishing you all the best Brian!

  50. Hey Brian,
    When I am strumming 10-15 times(playing a song), my guitar pick slips.How to avoid this? Good luck.

  51. Hello Brian,
    When I do strumming(down and up strumming),while with a good tune I hear the noise of the guitar pick like a saw cutting wood. 🙂 How to reduce this unwanted noise?Thank you.

    • Hi Dan – you may be strumming so the pick is in contact with the string too much (not sure, though) – otherwise a different thickness of pick might sound better to you.

  52. Hello Bryan,
    How to sing while playing the guitar?How do you do that?You know when I do that ,the strumming pattern and the chords,they get mess up.Good Luck!

  53. Hello Bryan,
    How many seconds do we have to change a chord ?For instance F#m chord to A takes a lot of time than G to C.. 😐 Thank you.

    • Hi Dan,

      For chord changes, the only real answer is practice. When i was wanting to practice my barre F, i selected a song which had a quick change from G to F to C. (Night Moves by Bob Seger) I would keep practicing until i got it down. The way i play it is a down strum on the G, up then down on the F, then up and down on the C and continue with the C until it’s time to reverse the pattern… that’s 1/2 a beat! pretty quick. Now I can pretty much hit the F any time… also it’s an easy adjustment from F to F#m. Good luck and keep practicing. 🙂

  54. I have followed you up-to your fourth lesson (basics) and I feel satisfied with your way of teaching. I am having problem in playing G chord and I want some tips for upstreaming,I it difficult as well.Thanks.

  55. Thanks for your tutorial on how to play your first cord. You were very thorough on explaining all basics. I am 65 and just learning my first instrument.

  56. Hey brian, this site has been an amazing help. I wish you would do Open Eyes Of My Heart Lord. It’s a classic song i’d love to learn.

  57. Hello Bryan,

    1.I started to learn barre chords ,I can ring only high & low E,A,and D…I followed your bar finger technique…How long does it take to push all the strings??
    2.Are there any barre chords friendly acoustic guitars ?
    3.Are barre chords for big hands??

    • Hi Dan – it just takes time and practice. You can do barre chords with smaller hands if your hands aren’t large. Just keep at it and it will get easier and easier.

  58. Hi Bryan,

    I have seen some guitar fret boards are wide and some are really small …I mean the guitar nut …Why is that? Are guitars with bigger nuts easy to place our fingers? Now I can play 5,6 songs..Thank you Bryan.Next hurdle is barre chords.

  59. Hello Bryan,
    This is a strange question…..When I play chords for instance D major chord.I cannot place the fingers at once..So I place my finger 1 and 3 first.Then finger 2…For that I take 2 seconds …Is it okay?

  60. Hello Brain,
    My guitar is a beginner acoustic guitar.
    I have seen on internet and I was told after learning the guitar we must go for a more advanced acoustic guitar(live performance).
    What’s the reason for that?Is it like first driving a truck and then driving a Porsche?
    Is it very easy to Play compared to beginner guitars?

    • Hey Dan – if your guitar works for you definitely keep using it until you feel like you need to step up into something different.

  61. Hello Bryan,
    There are electric guitars,but why people started make acoustic electric guitars?Do they sound good than acoustic guitars?

    • Plus Bryan, What’s the difference between a semi acoustic guitar and an electric acoustic guitar?If I have money what’s the best one to buy ? semi acoustic or electric acoustic? Thanks. Really Sorry for asking so many things.I am curious. 🙂

  62. Hi Brian,
    I’ve been playing guitar for a while now and I have always wanted my little brother to learn it too. The first thing that came to my mind was your lessons. I myself don’t have much time to sit and teach him. He’s been using your tutorials and having the time of his life. I’m very proud of him.
    Thank you for your work value you bring…
    Cheers from Poland!

  63. Hello Bryan,
    I have realized that my fingers are long than others…Do I need a guitar with a bigger nut/neck?

    • Hey Dan – it really comes down to preference. I would suggest going to a music store and trying out guitars with different sized necks to see what you like best.

  64. I love your tutorials; however, I play left handed and it takes me a while to figure where to place my fingers. Is there a lefty option for viewing chord charts?

  65. Please this is my very first time of picking up a guitar of my own. I don’t even have a basic knowledge of my musical notes. I don’t even know where to begin from. But I am Eagar and very serious to learn how to play guitar. I need assistance.

  66. hello, am so glad to have meet this page i hope to learn more and more of this.. God bless you big…

  67. I want to ask a Q….I am a new guitar learner…when i put my fingers on the strings..i can’t listen to the sound they produce like yours do..what shall i do to hear the sound of the strings? Is this normal?

  68. Hi Brian, I’m a beginner, Your Tutorial is amazing, I’m just excited to think that i can play songs quickly by learning from this tutorial. Hats off for this great work.
    I’ve Question, As i practise one chord, when should i move on to the next chord (next lesson)? Is it, when i can place my fingers without looking at the strings and strum to hear the right sound?? Need your views on this!!

  69. Hi Brian. I find your videos very helpful, but I was wondering if you have a course on transitioning from acoustic to electric guitar. I have been playing acoustic guitar for many years but need to prepare myself to play electric in church. Thanks.

  70. Hi Brian,

    Did you have any hard copy on lesson chord.? i will be teaching my youth ministry on how to play guitar, they willing to play in worship team, so i’m taking a step to teach them how to play guitar.

  71. Hi Brian,
    Thanks so much for your YouTube videos and website. I’m just starting out on the guitar but I can’t seem to access your videos or the chord charts on your website, it keeps coming up with an error. Can you advise?

    Thanks for all you and the team do.

    God bless!

  72. Hi Brian I am from Cape Town in sunny South Africa …just signed up new to playing guitar you lessons very clear and informative thank you for the effort put it at no cost really apptreciatted

  73. When will Amazing Grace lesson be out? Is there an alternative lesson you’d recommend as a first song?

  74. Brian, I would like to know when the lesson for Amazing Grace is coming out? Also, I am having a hard time leaving space between my hand and the guitar and being able to mute the low e string with my thumb. Should I think about a 3/4 guitar? I play an electric. Thanks

  75. Dear Brian
    I’m kusal from srilanka. I’m playing a achostic as a beginner. I watched and downloaded all videos of you from YouTube. Those are very useful for all beginners. But i have a suggestion, if you can please create a complete all chords tutorial book as a pdf to download all guitar players all around the world.

  76. Helo Brian, when will you be adding to your beginners guitar course? I see some stuff coming soon. Just curious!

  77. Hi Brian I am Levis from Kenya and I realy would like to play a guitar but i don’t have anyone to train me please if there is a way you can help me please do so. I would like to be with you physically to teach me but I don’t have any financial support to get me to you if there is a way you can help me I would be greatfull. Thank you and have a nice day

  78. I injured my left hand a couple of years ago that prevents me from fretting a regular guitar. I have recently begun to play a lap steel guitar and resonator guitar using a tone bar. I was wondering if you knew of any resources available that would help me in learning some of these worship songs. Thanks so much…

  79. Is it possible to categorize the song tutorials by difficulty *Easy, Medium, Hard, Advanced)? I’d love to start picking up some songs, but I’m having a difficult time finding good intro songs.

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