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  1. Hello Brian,
    When I do strumming(down and up strumming),while with a good tune I hear the noise of the guitar pick like a saw cutting wood. 🙂 How to reduce this unwanted noise?Thank you.

    • Hi Dan – you may be strumming so the pick is in contact with the string too much (not sure, though) – otherwise a different thickness of pick might sound better to you.

  2. Hello Bryan,
    How to sing while playing the guitar?How do you do that?You know when I do that ,the strumming pattern and the chords,they get mess up.Good Luck!

  3. Hello Bryan,
    How many seconds do we have to change a chord ?For instance F#m chord to A takes a lot of time than G to C.. 😐 Thank you.

    • Hi Dan,

      For chord changes, the only real answer is practice. When i was wanting to practice my barre F, i selected a song which had a quick change from G to F to C. (Night Moves by Bob Seger) I would keep practicing until i got it down. The way i play it is a down strum on the G, up then down on the F, then up and down on the C and continue with the C until it’s time to reverse the pattern… that’s 1/2 a beat! pretty quick. Now I can pretty much hit the F any time… also it’s an easy adjustment from F to F#m. Good luck and keep practicing. 🙂

  4. I have followed you up-to your fourth lesson (basics) and I feel satisfied with your way of teaching. I am having problem in playing G chord and I want some tips for upstreaming,I it difficult as well.Thanks.

  5. Thanks for your tutorial on how to play your first cord. You were very thorough on explaining all basics. I am 65 and just learning my first instrument.

  6. Hey brian, this site has been an amazing help. I wish you would do Open Eyes Of My Heart Lord. It’s a classic song i’d love to learn.

  7. Hello Bryan,

    1.I started to learn barre chords ,I can ring only high & low E,A,and D…I followed your bar finger technique…How long does it take to push all the strings??
    2.Are there any barre chords friendly acoustic guitars ?
    3.Are barre chords for big hands??

    • Hi Dan – it just takes time and practice. You can do barre chords with smaller hands if your hands aren’t large. Just keep at it and it will get easier and easier.

  8. Hi Bryan,

    I have seen some guitar fret boards are wide and some are really small …I mean the guitar nut …Why is that? Are guitars with bigger nuts easy to place our fingers? Now I can play 5,6 songs..Thank you Bryan.Next hurdle is barre chords.

  9. Hello Bryan,
    This is a strange question…..When I play chords for instance D major chord.I cannot place the fingers at once..So I place my finger 1 and 3 first.Then finger 2…For that I take 2 seconds …Is it okay?

  10. Hello Brain,
    My guitar is a beginner acoustic guitar.
    I have seen on internet and I was told after learning the guitar we must go for a more advanced acoustic guitar(live performance).
    What’s the reason for that?Is it like first driving a truck and then driving a Porsche?
    Is it very easy to Play compared to beginner guitars?

  11. Hello Bryan,
    There are electric guitars,but why people started make acoustic electric guitars?Do they sound good than acoustic guitars?

    • Plus Bryan, What’s the difference between a semi acoustic guitar and an electric acoustic guitar?If I have money what’s the best one to buy ? semi acoustic or electric acoustic? Thanks. Really Sorry for asking so many things.I am curious. 🙂

  12. Hi Brian,
    I’ve been playing guitar for a while now and I have always wanted my little brother to learn it too. The first thing that came to my mind was your lessons. I myself don’t have much time to sit and teach him. He’s been using your tutorials and having the time of his life. I’m very proud of him.
    Thank you for your work value you bring…
    Cheers from Poland!

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