TMONT 15 TM – Line 6 HX Tone Match Patches (Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go)

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Line 6 HX patches featuring our PRS MT15 amplifier. For these patches, we’ve tone matched the Line 6 hardware to the actual amplifier, resulting in patch that sounds almost exactly like the amp.

Includes patches for Helix, HX Stomp, and POD Go



This download includes patches for Helix, HX Stomp, and POD Go. Please make sure to import the appropriate patch for your hardware – they are not interchangeable.

  • TMNT 15 TM WT
  • NOTE: The HX Stomp and POD Go folders include ‘FX” patches. These patches include the additional effects blocks from the full Helix patch.


For these patches, we tone-matched the stock HX amp models to our PRS MT15 amplifier. The result is a set of Impulse Responses that completely transform the HX amp models, making the Line 6 hardware sound exactly like our amp, and the microphones, preamps, and EQ chains that we use to record it.

The MT15 is a collaboration between Paul Reed Smith and Mark Tremonti. It is meant to replicate Tremonti’s rhythm and lead tones, but also to have beautiful clean tones. 


  1. Input
  2. Compressor
  3. Wah
  4. Drives: 808
  5. Chorus
  6. Vibe
  7. EQ Boost
  8. Amps
  9. IR (Tone Match)
  10. Volume
  11. EQ
  12. Delays
  13. Reverb
  14. Output

We’ve included a foot switch that will flip flop between the clean and dirty amps (we did not use the same amp for both clean and dirty tone). The switch is labeled ‘DIRTY/CLEAN’.


  • The HX Stomp and POD Go patches cannot fit all the effects into a single patch. For those platforms, we include the amp and essential effects in the main patches, and then we include the additional effects blocks in the ‘FX’ patches. Feel free to mix and match the additional ‘FX’ blocks into the main patches to suite your needs.
  • POD Go can only run a single amp block in a patch, so we have delivered two patches: one for the clean tone and one for the rhythm tone. Because of this, we have not included snapshots in the POD Go patch.


  • Snapshot 1: RHYTHM. Base rhythm (gain) tone
  • Snapshot 2: RHYTHM +. Stage 1 drive tone
  • Snapshot 3: DRIVE+. Big rhythm tone
  • Snapshot 4:SOLO. Lead tone
  • Snapshot 5: CHORUS CLEAN. Clean tone with chorus
  • Snapshot 6,7: NOT USED
  • Snapshot 8: CLEAN. Clean tone without chorus

NOTE: The HX Stomp and POD GO patches do not include Snapshots


Initial Release (1.0): 2022-12-02


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