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Hosanna - WT Loop - cover

Hosanna – Hillsong – Loops

Purchase (from Loop Community)   Loop Details Arrangement: Hillsong Chapel – Yahweh Key: G, Tempo: 75 BPM, 4/4 time Chord Chart Kit Arrangement: Hillsong United – All of the above Keys included: A, D, E, G For a female lead, use keys D or E. For a male lead, use G or A. Info This is a full […]

how to play lead lines to a backing track STILL

How to practice lead lines over a backing track

In this lesson, Bradford and Brian teach you how you can practice making up your own lead guitar parts with a backing track. We have provided a backing track in the key of A, so any notes and series of notes from the A major scale and the F#m pentatonic scales will sound fine with […]

Glorious Ruins Tutorial STILL

Glorious Ruins – Hillsong Live – Tutorial

Chord diagrams Note: these might not be the shapes you were taught when you learned the chords, but they are the chord voicings that I use when playing in the key of D. I find it makes switching chords faster, and I like they way these voicing sound in this key. Strumming Pattern 1 2 […]


How To Learn Lead Parts In Songs Using Scales

View all our guitar lessons here. Want private lessons over Skype from Bradford? Click here to learn more In this lesson, Bradford teaches you how to use the major scale and the minor pentatonic scale to find and learn lead parts in popular worship songs. The songs Whom Shall I Fear and Cornerstone are used as examples. […]