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5 Reasons You Should Transpose Your Songs

Transposing music may seem like a pretty complicated process. You have to know some music theory. You need to be familiar with what chords go in what keys, etc. It’s a lot easier just to play the songs in the keys they were recorded in, right? Well, not always. Many times, playing the songs in […]

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How I Make My Tutorial Videos

I’ve had a few questions here and there about what gear I use to make videos. I actually use different gear depending on the type of video I’m making, so in this post I’ll cover the tutorial videos. When it comes to making a decent video, you want to consider 3 main things (among others): […]

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With Us – Hillsong – Tutorial

Chord Diagrams If you don’t know how to play these chords, watch my guitar lesson on chords in the key of D Strumming Pattern Base pattern (use for most sections of the song): D DU UDU, D DU UDU, … During the instrumental section: DuduDudu, DuduDudu, … Song video Click here to view my acoustic […]

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With Us – Hillsong (acoustic)

I tuned my guitar down a half step (Eb) to play this, so I’m actually playing in the key of Db. “With Us” is from the Hillsong Live ‘God Is Able’ album. Free mp3 Tutorial and Chord Charts Click here to watch the tutorial video and download charts

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