In this lesson we get to know Brian Wahl a bit better, including his complicated educational background and why he started Worship Tutorials.

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  1. I’m a worship director with a degree in math and biology and everything you said about needing clicks, charts and mp3s is spot on!

  2. Thanks Brian I’ve loved WT over the years, looking forward to seeing it grow. Love your heart brother!!!

  3. Hi there. I could also relate to the biology thing – just in my graduate school doing physics. But math in music is so true!
    Thank you guys for doing this. <3

  4. I was a volunteer guitar player for several years. Last year, our pastor encouraged me to apply for the staff position of worship leader. Here I am. I greatly appreciate Brian sharing his knowledge and experience on the broad range of ministry involved. There is so much more to this than singing or playing an instrument. It is vital to have humility and to seek to please Him.

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