NOTE: We are not taking lesson requests at this time. We may open up lessons again in the future, but we can’t promise any timeframe. Thanks for your understanding.


    • All minor chords will sound “sad” and all major chords will sound “happy”. Hope this helps.

  1. Do you have a tutorial on the song Gods not dead, Home, and other Christian songs on your youtube channel?

    • Hi Grace – God’s Not Dead is probably the song called ‘Like A Lion’ (some bands that covered it have changed the name). We do have a tutorial on that one, but not Home. You can see them all on the ‘Songs’ page.

  2. Hallo..I want to ask..Can you learn or post a video about how to make a good melody for worship..Thx

  3. Hey I would love to have private lessons I’ve just play guitar I watch your vids they have helped me but I would like some who can talk me and me with what I need

  4. Hey Brian, just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your tutorial videos you posted on YouTube. I’m brand new to the guitar and out of all the videos I watched on there, yours was the most helpful! I hope to see you post more in the future, as well as offer up some lessons. Take care and God bless

  5. Must say your lessons have been great in building my skills from a beginner! Thank you ever so much for sacrificing your time and pouring out such great resources to the body of Christ to build upon! Really appreciated – such a blessing! God bless you abundantly.

  6. When I try to play cords sometimes I do what you instruct in your videos but they make no sound, not the right sound or the strings aren’t being pushed down hard enough. And when I do push down harder I hurt my fingers. Any tips?

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