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Line 6 POD Go patch built specifically for acoustic guitar

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NOTE: This video demonstrates the Helix version of this patch, but the POD Go version contains many of the same elements. Scroll down to see what all is included.


  1. UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE: Please upgrade the firmware on your POD Go and POD Go Edit software from Line 6 to the latest before installing this patch. Even if your POD Go is up to date, the app needs to be updated as well. If you get an error importing a patch, the problem is most likely outdated firmware on your POD Go or POD Go Edit.
  2. IR CAB READY (BUT NOT INCLUDED): This download includes an ‘IR-ready’ patch that includes an IR block. There are no IR’s included with this patch, but if you’d like to try out some of our incredible Acoustic IR packs, the IR-Ready patch is perfect – just load up an acoustic IR in the IR block.
  3. MEANT FOR ACOUSTIC GUITARS: This patch is designed to be used with an acoustic guitar with pickups installed (it’s not meant to simulate an acoustic with the use of an electric guitar).


  1. Connect your POD Go to your computer using a USB Cable
  2. Download and instal the ‘POD Go Edit’ app from Line 6
  3. In the ‘POD Go Edit’ app, drag and drop the patch into a slot in the ‘PRESETS’ column


  1. Input
  2. Volume
  3. Wah – not set up
  4. LA Studio Comp
  5. Parametric EQ – not mapped to a switch
  6. Amp – not set up (don’t turn this on)
  7. Cab/IR – use this IR block to load an Acoustic IR if you’d  like
  8. Vintage Digital Delay – Dotted 8th note delay – mapped to Footswitch A
  9. Plate verb – mapped to footswitch C
  10. Glitz Verb – big modulated verb – mapped to Footswitch B
  11. Output


Reverb: For Reverbs, you have a subtle plate verb and a large modulated verb available. The Big/Mod verb is the Glitz reverb, and it sounds pretty huge. It will work well for more intimate songs where you want to fill up a lot of space. If you’re in a larger band setting and are a rhythm acoustic player, this will make your guitar disappear in the mix, so use with caution.

EQ: The EQ at the is meant to be always on, and it adds some life and character to most acoustic guitars. You may want to adjust this EQ setting for your guitar.


Version 1.0 (initial release): 2020-05-17

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  1. winer23 (verified owner)

    But, I have a question.
    I knew there are not ACOUSTIC IR.
    “but if you’d like to try out some of our incredible Acoustic IR packs, the IR-Ready patch is perfect – just load up an acoustic IR in the IR block.”

    So, where is the “IR-Ready patch”? I want buy it.
    Or, Which “IR” goes best with “ACOUSTIC IR”?

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