Basic Board 1 – Line 6 HX Effects Patch


Line 6 HX Effects patch designed to replace an entire pedalboard. Includes compression, drives, reverbs, delays, and ambient swells.


IMPORTANT: Because this patch uses effects models that were not included with the initial release of the Helix, it is very important that you upgrade the firmware on your Helix and the Helix software from Line 6 to the latest before installing this patch. You will also need the latest version of the HX Edit app to transfer this patch to your Helix.

Firmware 2.6 Reverbs: The 2.6 Firmware update changed the mix levels of the new (HX) reverbs. This patch accounts for those changes, so if you are not updated to 2.6 or later on your Helix, the reverbs will not sound right.

HX Effects patches are not compatible with Helix products (Helix floor, LT, etc)

How to transfer the patch to your HX Effects

  1. Connect your HX Effects or to your computer via USB
  2. Open HX Edit (make sure you update to the latest version)
  3. Drag and drop the patch into a slot in the editor

Signal flow and Effects

  1. Deluxe Comp – not mapped to a footswitch
  2. Minotaur – Klon OD – mapped to switch labeled ‘Klon’
  3. Scream 808 – Tube Screamer OD – mapped to switch labeled ‘808’
  4. Vintage Digital Delay – dotted 8thDelay – mapped to switch labeled ‘Dotted 8thDLY’
  5. Adriatic Delay – ¼ delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘Quarter DLY’
  6. Cosmos Echo – ambient delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘Swells’
  7. Plate Verb – always on short reverb – not mapped to a switch
  8. Searchlights – huge ambient verb – mapped to switch labeled ‘Swells’
  9. Glitz – ambient modulated verb – mapped to switch labeled ‘Big Verb (MOD)’


This patch is designed to be a complete replacement for a basic pedalboard. It includes all the basic effects you might need to cover most sounds found in modern praise and worship music. You get two drives, two delays, an ambient verb, and a swells button at your feet. The drives can be stacked for a bigger sound, and the delays cover the two most common delay sounds – analog ¼ note delay and digital dotted 8thnote delay.

Compression: The compressor is meant to always be on, and is not mapped to a footswitch.

Short Plate Verb: This is also meant to be an always on effect, and is not mapped to a switch.

Swells: The ‘Swells’ switch turns on both the Searchlights and Cosmos Echo effects – it gets really big really fast. Perfect for big volume swells.

Making changes for your setup

We set up this patch with the assumption that you will run it into a moderately clean amp. We like to set our amps up so that they break up slightly when you hit them hard.

The output level of the compressor will greatly affect how hard this patch pushes the front end of your amp. If it pushes too hard, simply lower the output level of the compressor. We like to run compressors in a more transparent way. The comp in this patch will tame your dynamics a bit, but won’t squash the signal. From there, feel free to adjust both the drive and output levels of the overdrives to suit your playing style. We prefer to run drives at lower gain levels and stack them for bigger sounds.


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