Basic Board 2 – Line 6 HX Effects Patch


Line 6 HX Effects patch designed for modern praise and worship, built using the effects settings from our MATCH JMP Helix patch. Includes drive, delay, and reverb effects.


This demo is for the MATCH JMP Helix patch. The Basic Board 2 HX Effects patch uses the same exact effects block settings as this Helix patch.


UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE: Please upgrade the firmware on your HX Effects and the HX Edit software from Line 6 to the latest before installing this patch. Even if your HX Effects is up to date, the ‘HX Edit’ app needs to be updated as well. If you get an error importing a patch, the problem is most likely outdated firmware on your HX Effects/HX Edit. You will need at least firmware 2.80.

MATCH JMP PATCH SETTINGS: We built this patch using the effects settings from our MATCH JMP Helix patch.


  1. Input
  2. Deluxe Comp – not mapped to a switch, always on
  3. Heir Apparent – Prince of Tone (voiced to sound like Bradford’s KOT, Yellow side) – mapped to switch labeled ‘KOT-Yellow’
  4. Heir Apparent – Prince of Tone (voiced to sound like Bradford’s KOT, Red side) – mapped to switch labeled ‘KOT-Red’
  5. Dhyna Drive – Hermida Zen Drive – mapped to switch labeled ‘Zendrive’
  6. Transistor Tape Delay – dotted 8th delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘.8th Tape’
  7. ’63 Spring – subtle spring reverb – mapped to a switch labeled ‘Spring Verb’
  8. Adriatic Swell – Dual Delay (1/8d + quarter) – voiced to sound like Bradford’s Strymon El Cap settings – mapped to switch labeled ‘Dual El Cap)
  9. Double Tank – Ambient reverb voiced to sound like the Empress Reverb Ghost mode – mapped to switch labeled ‘Ghost Verb
  10. Output


This patch can is designed to be used in ‘stompbox’ mode or ‘snapshot’ mode.


The delays and reverbs in this patch are in stereo. If you are able to run stereo out of HX Effects, you’ll get the full effect of this patch. If you’re running mono, you may hear a chorusing effect from the Tape Delay. To fix this, set the ‘Spread’ parameter to ‘0’


Every rig is different, and we realize that HX Effects is made to be integrated into many different types of setups. You may want to make changes (especially to the drives) based on what you are running HX Effects into. Delays and reverbs will likely need a bit of adjustment depending on how your amp reacts to them (or if you decide to use them pre or post amp)


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