G-6161 TM – Fractal Presets (Axe-FX III, FM3, FM9)

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Fractal Axe-FX III, FM3, and FM9 preset featuring our vintage Gretsch 6161 amplifier. For this preset, we’ve tone matched the Fractal hardware to the actual amplifier, resulting in patch that sounds almost exactly like the amp. Includes scenes to for instant sounds and custom per-preset mapping and overrides for use with the FC Controllers. This preset is also perfect for running a stereo board into it.



This download includes patches for Axe-FX III, FM3, and FM9. Please make sure to import the appropriate patch for your hardware – they are not interchangeable.

  1. G-6161 TM WT (SC)– this preset is voiced for single coils and low-output humbuckers
  2. G-6161 TM WT (HB) – this preset is voiced for more traditional humbuckers

NOTE: The FM3 folder includes an ‘FX” patch. This patch includes the additional effects blocks from the full Axe-FX and FM9 patches. Feel free to substitute any of these effects blocks into the main patch to suite your needs.


For this preset, we tone-matched the Fender Twin amp model in the Fractal hardware to our vintage (mid-60’s) Gretsch 6161 amp. The result is an impulse response user cab that completely transforms the Fractal amp model – it sounds exactly like our amp, and the microphones, preamps, and EQ chains that we use to record it.

These old 6161 combo amps were made for Gretsch by Valco. Ours is a 2×10, and it’s loaded with original Jensen C10R speakers. The result is a beautifully thick, but still articulate vintage tone. The midrange on this amp just seems to roar. Even Tom Bukovac describes it as his favorite small combo amp of all time.

The amp features normal and tremolo channels, and each channel has both a ‘Bass’ and ‘Treble’ input. Each input sounds different, and we matched the Helix to both inputs for the Normal Channel. These are represented by each of the Impulse Responses that are included.


  1. Input
  2. Compressor
  3. Pitch (POG)
  4. Drives: KOT, 808, Fuzz, and more
  5. Volume
  6. Amps
  7. Cabs (User cabs)
  8. Tremolo
  9. Chorus
  10. Delays: 1/8 delay, Dotted 8th delay, Dual stereo delay
  11. Reverbs: Subtle and Huge
  12. OUT

The FM3 presets cannot fit all the effects into a single patch. For that platform, we include the amp and essential effects in the main presets, and then we include the additional effects blocks in the ‘FX’ preset. Feel free to mix and match the additional ‘FX’ blocks into the main patches to suite your needs.


For each effect block, we set up all four channels to give you as many options as possible for each individual effect types. For example, in the Compressor block, there are four different types of compression. For drives, we use all available channels in each drive block to get different overdrive flavors. Please experiment with the channels in all the different blocks to find your favorites. Typically we use our favorites in Channel A.

The exceptions to this are usually the amp and cab blocks – for those we usually only set up Channel A.


The following scenes are set up for instant access to various tones:

  • Scene 1: CLEAN. Basic clean tone with verb and quarter delay
  • Scene 2: DRIVE. Light Drive
  • \Scene 3: DRIVE+. Med Drive
  • Scene 4: SOLO. Big lead tone.
  • Scene 5: AMBI CLEAN. Clean tone with stereo delay (1/4 + 1/8d) and big reverb.
  • Scene 6: 80s CLEAN. Clean tone with chorus
  • Scene 7: P&W LEAD. Big lead tone with delay and reverb
  • Scene 8: SWELLS. Big ambient tones


Version 1.0 – 2022-05-29


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