Holiday Bumper Music Bundle


Our Holiday Music Bumpers allow you to easily add some upbeat and positive energy into your services during this holiday season!


Bumper music is like a song without lyrics. You can play it under your announcements or any other element in your service that needs a bit of a lift.

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We’ve included two separate sound beds with multiple options for each. Each of these tracks adds an instant nostalgic Holiday Spirit in the style of the old merry times we’ve grown to love as family! Sleigh bells, strings and acoustic guitars play over a laid back drum and bass groove. Two versions are included. 


  • Each bumper track contains lead instruments. We’ve provided two versions of each track – one with the lead instruments included (labeled ‘MAIN’), and one without the lead instruments (labeled ‘NO LEADS’). 
  • Holiday Bumper 1 length: 06:41
  • Holiday Bumper 2 length: 04:38
  • Both bumpers are only available in one key and in mp3 format.
  • Both tracks were composed and produced in house by Fuller


The Worship Tutorials Holiday Bumper pack is royalty free, so you are able to use it freely in your church services (in person and streamed on the internet), and in your holiday productions.


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