Male/Female Key Change Chart

The Male/Female Key Change Chart allows you to quickly and easily convert a song from a male-led key to a female-led key, or from a female-led key to a male-led key. It is a digital download delivered in PDF format.

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How it works

Change from a female led key to a male led key

To change a song that is currently in a female led key to a male led key, use the left column. Find the original key of the song, and the scroll to the right to see the low/medium/high suggestions for the male key.

Technically what we’re doing is moving the song up 5 steps. This is a rule of thumb that works on a vast majority of song, but it may not work on every song. You’ll need to experiment a bit to see if it fits your voice.

As an example, let’s say you have a female-led song in the key of D (What A Beautiful Name by Hillsong would be an example of this). If you want to change that to a male-led key, find D on the column on the left. We can see that the mid suggested key would be G (5 steps up from D). This means if you transpose the song from D to G, it should be suitable for a male lead. If G is too high, try F. If it’s too low, try A.

Change from a male led key to a female led key

To change a song from a male led key to a female led key, you use the same basic workflow, only this time we’ll use the column on the right, and technically we’re moving the key down 5 steps.

So take a male-led song in the key of A (Good Good Father, for example). To change it to a female key, you could start with E. If that’s too high, choose D. If E is too low for you, try F or F#.

OK, Now I know what key I want to transpose to – how do I transpose it?

Transposing a song is actually pretty easy. We’ve created another free chart called the Chord Number System that will allow you to quickly and easily transpose any song into any key.

Download and learn how to use the Chord Number System Chart here.


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