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Our MOODS products are similar to our PADS products, but with more character and movement.  Play moods underneath any type of spoken word or contemplative elements of your worship service. Any time you want to bring in an element of ambience or emotion.

All 12 keys included.

The previews above are short samples. The actual files are over 5 minutes long each, and you can loop them indefinitely.

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Our MOODS products are similar to our PADS products. They are mp3 files (available in every key) that can add ambience, atmosphere, and emotion to your worship services.

Play moods underneath  any type of spoken word or contemplative elements of your worship service. This could be prayer moments, Bible readings, at the end of a sermon, transitional periods between songs or other service elements, or anytime you want to bring in an element of ambience or emotion.

Think of MOODS like PADS, but with more character and movement.


Our ‘MOODS’ packs include the following:

  • Mp3 files in all 12 keys. This allows you to use moods with ultimate flexibility in your worship services. Mp3’s are compatible with a huge range of software and hardware devices.
  • ‘Groove’ versions. MOODS packs include two versions. The main ‘MOODS’ files do not contain any rhythmic/percussive elements, but we have included a ‘Groove’ folder that adds a percussive element. Use these when you want something with more energy.
  • Progression and tempo. MOODS differ from PADS because they contain both tempo and chord progressions. This means you cannot play a MOODS file underneath a song, but it makes them perfect to be used during transitional elements of a worship service.
  • Charts and click tracks. We designed MOODS to be used either by themselves, or with a band or worship team. We’ve included a click track and chord charts so band members can play along to the MOODS files. The chord progression is simple, and it repeats, making it ideal to be used underneath spoken word. Simply import the MOODS files and the included click/cues files on separate tracks in your favorite DAW or multitracks playback software.

FAQs about MOODS

How can I use MOODS?

You will be able to use MOODS without restriction in your worship services – no need to display copyright information. You are free to use it any way you’d like in a live environment as well as streaming (if you stream your service to multiple campuses or an online service. You may not use it to create content that will be sold (as backing music for videos, audio, etc). If you would like to use Bumper Music to create content that will be widely distributed (YouTube, Vimeo, etc), please contact us first.

How are MOODS different than PADS?

MOODS and Pads both offer ambience and atmosphere to different elements of your worship service, but they are different (and complimentary) in several key ways:

  • PADS do not contain tempo or chord progression information, meaning you can play them under most any song in the same key.
  • MOODS do have both a tempo and a set chord progression
  • MOODS contain more melodic and instrumental information than PADS
  • Most MOODS packs include a ‘rhythm’ or ‘groove’ track that includes rhythmic elements – Pads do not.
  • MOODS packs include chord charts and click tracks so your band can play along to the progression/

Can I play MOODS underneath songs in my worship set?

No – MOODS are designed to stand on their own and cannot be played underneath other songs (that’s what PADS are for). But they are perfect to play under:

  • Announcements
  • Prayer times
  • Baptism
  • Messages (especially at the end before a musical element)
  • Transitions between one section of a service to another

What will I get with a MOODS pack?

You will get a .zip package containing mp3’s, click/cue stems, charts, and a ReadMe PDF. MP3 files are playable in a huge variety of hardware and software – it will easily integrate into your existing workflow.

How do I use it in my services?

MOODS files are simply mp3 files, so you can use it however you want as most audio apps can support mp3 playback.

We love to use MOODS inside of ProPresenter. Here is a video showing how to do that.

You can also use it from your phone with any mobile app that supports mp3’s. Here is how to use them in the Soundboard Studio iOS app.These videos show how to do it with Pads, but the process is exactly the same.

Can I download MOODS directly to my phone or mobile device?

No – unfortunately Apple does not support this. But getting MOODS on your phone is simple – just download and extract the .zip file after purchasing, and then add the files to iTunes and sync to your phone. Here’s a video showing how to do that. The video shows how to do it with Pads, but the process is exactly the same.

How long are the tracks?

About five minutes long, but you can loop them indefinitely.

Why all 12 keys?

We made MOODS in every key because we needed it in our services. We feel this is essential, and this sets up apart from other backing track providers. When crafting an excellent worship service, being able to match the key from one element to the next is essential. This lets you play MOODS during announcements in the key of D that flow right into the next song in the key of D.

Will we make different styles?

Yes. Many more coming soon 🙂


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