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Martin 000-28 Acoustic Impulse Response Pack

Acoustic Impulse Response pack based on a pristine Martin 000-28 acoustic guitar. Our acoustic impulse responses are designed to work with a wide variety of acoustic pickup types. They’re created to make the sound of your acoustic’s direct output sound a mic’d guitar, and specifically with this patch, our Martin 000-28. Tone Pass 2023 Premium members only.

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1964 Vox AC30 Top Boost

Our ’64 AC30 might look a bit beat up, but it sounds absolutely beautiful. This amp is simply legendary – Vox’s of this era have been and continue to be used by some of the most famous guitar players of all time, including The Beatles, The Edge (of U2), and Brian May (of Queen). Our has the original Alnico Silver speakers, and it is one of the best amps we’ve ever heard.

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The Z-Wreck is a collaboration between Dr. Z, Ken Fischer (of Trainwreck Amps), and Brad Paisley. Together, they created the Z-Wreck in an effort to capture the tone of Brad Paisley’s vintage ’63 AC30. The Z-Wreck is a single channel, 30-watt EL84 amplifier, and it excels at the vintage AC30 tone. It also has a ton of headroom and works amazingly well as a pedal platform amplifier.

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