Over 100,000 sets sold

Tens of thousands of churches use Worship Tutorials Pads to effortlessly transform their worship sets by creating depth and texture, ambience, and awesome transitions.

NEW: Pads Elements (Cloud, Dust, Fire, and Ice)


Pads are not progression specific, so no click track is needed

Just play the pads in your desired key, and any progression (song) in that key will fit perfectly over the top of them

You get all 12 major keys with each set of Pads

To experience them for yourself, simply play and instrument along with the demos in the appropriate key

Pads create an atmospheric ambient texture that sits underneath everything. It gives the music a sense of depth and weight and it helps glue everything together. With any of our Pads sets, you can have that sound present in all your songs and other service elements with a tap of a button.

Best of the Best

Worship Tutorials Pads have been selected multiple time as the Editor’s Pick in Worship Leader Magazine‘s ‘Best Resource Guide’ issue.

We are honored to be chosen, and we think our Pads are the best you can buy 🙂


(you can click on each individual Pads set to hear samples of each set in all 12 keys)


Save up to 50% with our Pads bundles

MASSIVE PADS BUNDLE (All Pads sets): $99.99

Buy them all and save over $89


Get Clouds, Dust, Fire, and Ice Pads and save 50%

Worship Tutorials Pads

What’s the difference?

Each set of Pads effectively works exactly the same way (with the exception of the Minor Pads, which are in Minor keys). The difference is simply in how they sound. We love having options, and we think you will too. We don’t really think of one set of Pads sounding better or worse than the other, just different. Here’s how you could think of them:

  • Clouds (Pads Elements): Clouds are the quintessential soft, warm ambient Pads. They wrap around you like a blanket, and are absolutely perfect for singer-songwriter type applications.
  • Dust (Pads Elements): Dust Pads are on the warmer side, and they include a lot of texture. There is almost a grittiness to them (hence ‘dust’), and they can work well in both mellow or higher energy applications
  • Ice (Pads Elements): Our Ice Pads are great for high energy applications. They have a lot of energy in them, and on their own they can sound bright, but in a higher energy mix they fit right in.
  • Fire (Pads Elements): With fire we wanted to invoke a sense of energy. There are elements of Fire Pads that almost sound like flames, and overall these are on the more aggressive side.
  • Pads 10 (Luminous Pads): We wanted Pads 10 to evoke a sense of hope, and we think they sound like a light shining into a dark place
  • Pads 9 (Celestial Pads): The sound of the heavens. We designed Pads 9 to sound warm and lush without getting in the way of other instruments in the mix. They’re warm and airy all at the same time, and in just the right ways
  • Pads 8 (Wondrous Pads): The sound of glory and wonder, available with the push of a button. We designed Pads 8 (Wondrous Pads) to sound warm and lush without getting in the way of other instruments in the mix. They move just enough to create a sense of space and atmosphere, but not so much that they draw too much attention to themselves. They’re warm and they’re bright all at the same time, and in just the right ways
  • Pads 7 (Guitar Pads): Made almost entirely of guitar swells, Pads 7 (Guitar Pads) are a unique take on Pads. Most Pads are synth based, so using guitar tones to create Pads gives you a very different sonic texture. We love these Pads, and we believe they will help you create even better worship environments.
  • Pads 6 (Shimmer Pads): Shimmer is an iconic sound used all over modern worship music. Now you can have it in your sets with the click of a button.
  • Pads 5 (Simple Pads): We wanted a set of Pads that would sound warm and rich but have a little bit less going on. There is less movement both in the number of notes and the EQ spectrum. We think these are the best set of Pads yet, especially when used in a band context.
  • Pads 4 (Evolving Pads): Pads 4 have more movement than the other Pads sets, but they will not get in the way of what you are playing on top of them. We like to use these when we want the Pads sound to have a bit more signature. We named them ‘Evolving’ because when you hear them, they sound like they are moving from one place to another. Pads 4 also include a lot of interesting ambient elements not found in the other pads sets.
  • Pads 3 (Cinematic Pads): Think movie score. Take it a step further. Think John Williams and Hans Zimmer are now on your worship team. That pretty much sums up Pads 3. They sound huge, and we love them.
  • Pads 2 (Atmospheric Pads): We named them ‘Atmospheric’ for a reason – lots of texture and ambience. These will really add some life to sets where you don’t have a lot of musicians, and they’re great when used by themselves during different elements of a worship service.
  • Pads 1: Lots of warmth without too much movement or texture. These are great all-around ambient pads that you can use in a variety of environments. We still love the original Pads and we use them all the time!
  • Minor Pads 1: Lots of texture. The tonal center revolves around an actual minor key signature (as opposed to the relative minor of a major key).
  • Minor Pads 2 (Gregorian): The darkest sounding of all our pads. These sound almost menacing. We think they are perfect for setting an eerie mood, which can be extremely effective during something like a Good Friday service, for example. A couple caveats: We don’t recommend listening to these with the lights off. We also warn against the key of D Minor. It is the saddest of all keys. You may weep instantly.
  • Minor Pads 3 (Shadow): We designed Minor Pads 3 to create a dark and moody texture. They are perfect for something like a Good Friday service or anytime you’d like to set a darker mood

What are Pads?

Pads create an atmospheric ambient texture that sits underneath everything. It gives the music a sense of depth and weight and it helps glue everything together. With any of our Pads sets, you can have that sound present in all your songs and other service elements with a tap of a button.

It really is that easy – to use the Pads during a song, simply play the Pad in the same key as the song, and everything will just work. We are also working hard to create more versions and variations of Pads. It’s always good to have multiple sounds and textures available so you can choose the perfect sound to fit the moment you’re trying to create. Listen to the previews below and choose your favorite sounding set, or get them all!

How it works

  • Pads are not progression specific, so no click track is needed
  • Use the examples below – play along with them on your guitar or other instrument
  • Just play the pads in your desired key, and any progression in that key will fit perfectly over the top of them
  • You get all 12 major keys

I’ve been using pads for a few years now and cant imagine leading worship without them.

– David Snowdon, Worship Leader

We’ve been using Pads for about a year and a half now and they have been great! They help with transitions and most importantly, help fill the songs!

– Ryan Bearden, Worship Leader


Do I need a click track or to play along with a pre-set arrangement?

These pads are not progression specific. Simply play the pad in the key that your song is in, and any progression in that key will work. Give it a try – play the samples at the top of the page and play any progression in the key of the pad you are playing. The pads will sit underneath and sound beautiful. You can play on top of these pads with any instrument – keys, guitars, etc.

How can I use them to create great transitions?

When you finish a song, let the pads continue. Let them play during prayer moments. Bring them in towards the end of a moving sermon or talk. Crossfade between pads in different keys for smooth transitions from a song in one key to a song in another key. During your worship sets, you can have a music bed that never stops playing, which makes for a much more cohesive worship experience.

What hardware and software do I need to use?

Because these pads are in mp3 format, you can use them with anything. Load them into an iTunes playlist. Bring them into Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, or any other DAW. Play them straight from your smartphone or tablet. Whatever workflow your band or church uses, these pads will fit.

We like to use them in ProPresenter, and we created a tutorial showing how to do that here.

If you’re looking for a solution to play them from your phone, here is a tutorial showing how to set them up in WT Director on iOS (please note, this is not our app, so we cannot offer support for it.

If you’d like to go a bit more complicated and run a MIDI pedal controlling an Ableton Live setup, we’ve got you covered in this tutorial.

How do I download the pads?

When you purchase the Pads, you’ll get an email with download links. You’ll get a link to a large (~500mb) .zip file that contains all 12 mp3 files, and you’ll also get individual links to each mp3 file separately. If you download the .zip file, you don’t need to download the individual file, as the .zip file contains all the files.

You can also log into your account on the My Account page and download any downloadable products that you’ve purchased.

What if I have trouble downloading the files using the links provided?

If you have purchased the Pads but are having problems downloading them, please send us an email and let me know. We’ll get back to you ASAP with some other download options.

How do I get them on my phone/iPad/tablet/etc?

Apple does not allow you to directly download mp3 files to your iOS device (and most other mobile devices are set up this way). Getting Pads on your phone is easy, though – all you need to do is add them to iTunes and sync them to your phone. Here’s a video showing how.

More questions?

Ask in the comments below and we’ll answer them.

Why did we make Pads?

The answer is simple: We wanted to use them in our church. Once we did (and we realized how awesome they are), we wanted to share them with you. Watch this video to learn more:

Hear Pads in action

We’ve created countless videos on our YouTube channel (and in the Tutorials section) featuring acoustic guitar, vocals, and Worship Tutorials Pads, but here are a few:

See A Victory - Feat. Pads 9

Fierce (Jesus Culture) - Feat. Pads 5

God You're So Good - Feat. Pads 8

Jesus Paid It All - Feat. Pads 2

We absolutely love using Pads in our church and everywhere we go. Ever since we started incorporating them into our services, we have noticed a difference in our sound and worship.

– Raziel Sanchez, Worship Leader

They [Pads] just really enhance worship. They really add a lot to the music.

– Daniel Griggs, Messiah Church (see Daniel’s video here)


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great resource that greatly enhances worship that I get to help lead! I have used your pads for a while in a Sunday service and lately in youth led service. The pads just seems to add the atmosphere that’s missing and help focus worship in the proper direction. Every time a new set comes out, I think do we really need another set of pads…and then quickly enter my credit card info because they just seem to get better and better. So thank you for your hearts of worship and the blessing that you guys are to believers everywhere!

  2. Hi Fellas, have just started using Worship Team Director, can’t find anywhere else to ask this question. When I plug the headphone jack in, it stops the fade in fade out function of the app on my Ipad. Do you know any fix to this. Kind regards Mal Munro (Pastor – Bayside Church Victor Harbor South Australia)

  3. Are these pads mono or stereo? We’re trying to figure out whether we’re gonna need to run a stereo or mono set up from the laptop. Thanks in advance.

  4. I’m really interested in pads, and would happily purchase a pack of 6, rather like the pad bundle. However, is there any way I can purchase any 6 sets of my choice? I wanted to include the two minor pads and, because I’m mainly playing celtic worship, don’t want so many of the major, modern sounding pads

    Is there a bundle offer available to purchase a sellection of my own choice?

    • I second that question! I’d like to be able to pick and choose which ones I’m actually purchasing. Would you consider selling them individually?

  5. I need a pad that has a “Vibrato” or “Pulsing” pad for lack of a better term that will work with the song “Do It Again” from Elevation Worship. Any ideas?

    • Hey Mike – any general purpose base Pad like this would be tough to do with a pulse, since a pulse would tie it into a specific tempo. You’d probably want to make one specifically for that song, and then play to a click track for it to sound right.

  6. Can these be used in commercial recordings – for example as part of a personal E.P that is for sale on ITunes?

  7. After downloading your pads to my I-Mac computer, how do I transfer them to my I-Pad so I can play them through my church sound system. Thanks, Tom

  8. If you are a Propresenter user and play a huge setlist every week then these are for you! If you want to free up some space in the music for your keys players and ambient guitar players to play different things and add different textures to your worship songs, these are for you!

    I have been using these every week and they work wonders. Now my Keys Player can focus on adding more depth and space to our sound and I can focus on playing more lead ambient guitar parts (if that’s even a thing… Haha). Thanks to Brian and anyone else who contributed to WT.

    • Thanks Michael! We use them in ProPresenter most of the time too – it’s so easy. And yes – lead ambient guitar parts are totally a thing 🙂

  9. Purchased the entire set of pads yesterday, but can’t use them as WT Director won’t allow access to iTunes (brief white screen and then returns to main WT screen) – either on iPhone or iPad . WT support team are not available to advise. Have you had other users encounter a similar experience – any suggestions would be welcome

    • Hi Gerard – sorry for the problem with WT Director, and thanks for purchasing! Have you sent in a support request? I’ve just answered all of them and I don’t think I saw one from you (although I answered a few regarding WT Director). We did not develop the app, so I can’t offer much support on it, but I have been able to successfully get the import to work through iTunes.

      I would recommend making sure that WT Director and iOS are updated to the latest versions, and you also need to make sure that the files are physically on your device rather than in the cloud. If you’re still having issues, you might have luck by uninstalling and then re-installing the WT Director app. Sorry for the trouble with it – it’s an older app that really hasn’t been developed much over the past several years.

      • Hi Brian. Tried all your recommendations, but problem remained. Tried a support request but can’t submit one as help page link just says “WorshipTeam.tv is currently upgrading and will be back up momentarily”. Was on verge of giving up and came across related app Small Group Director. Seems identical to WT Director. Installed it, it worked immediately !

    • Hi Amber – I’m not sure if the Nords can play back mp3 files – if they can then they’ll be able to play back Pads. The Pads are simply mp3’s, so they’ll work in any hardware or application that can play mp3’s. Thanks!

  10. Hello, this is a great resource to use for me considering I don’t have the budget for in ears and loops! Thank you so much!

    I have one quick question that I can’t find the answer to. What if I want to change pads in one song? For example, if I want the 1st verses of a particular song to be mellow and the chorus of the same song to lift the atmosphere, and for the bridge to feel like it is building, what should I do?

    I have ableton and I am able to control the changes through a footswitch. I’m just not sure if I should stack 2 pads together in the chorus, change the pad, or something else.

    Thank you so much for taking your time and reading to this. I hope it makes sense.

    • Hey Jordin – you could basically set up a playlist where when you advance to the next Pads during the song itself (if I’m understanding what you’re trying to do correctly). The easiest thing, though, would just be to have your sound guy turn them up during the bigger parts of the song. We do that all the time – basically your sound person can play the Pads like an instrument and bring them in louder for parts and quieter for others.

  11. How do you cross fade between songs for different keys. I have loaded in my ipad and running through my music. I use easy worship/ CCLI at church for worship. Thamks

    • You’ll need to use an app or software that supports crossfading. For iOS devices, the Soundboard Studio Lite app works well. Easy Worship I think supports it, too.

  12. I just purchased a fire tablet and was hoping to use it to play pads. It that possible? Where can I find instructions to get it on the tablet? Thanks

  13. Can we not upload sermons or videos online that has these pads audibly in the background? I got a copyright strike because this pad was playing in the background during a sermon I uploaded from my church. The strike says:
    Pads (a) – Josue Ismael
    Sound recording
    0:51 – 1:53 play match
    On behalf of: Josue Ismael
    Monetized by copyright owner

    Is this incorrect? Can I dispute the copyright claim?

  14. Hello I’m new to Pads, but before I purchase them I would like to know could I use them even though I use my capo a lot???

    Thanks so much in advance.

    God bless!

  15. Bought the pads and love them. Got tons of comments from the congregation (“Sounded great today, not sure what was different but everything seemed more connected!”). Didn’t think it would make much difference but I was wrong.

    Quick question, we want to move into a click track next. I watched your video about using Prime with multitracks but we aren’t ready for full multitracks yet. Do you know of a way to have the pads playing on one side and a metronome generator on the other side? That would work for us. Thanks!

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