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Open Tuning STILL

Alternate Tuning – DADGBD

In this lesson, Fuller shows you how to use an alternate tuning known as DADGBD, which is a variation of the popular DADGAD tuning. This is the tuning he uses to play the lead parts to Man of Sorrows Tuning Low E String: tune down to D A string: leave D string: leave G string: […]

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Fingerpicking 3 STILL

Finger Picking Part 3: An Intermediate Pattern

In our first few finger picking lessons, we’ve gone over some of the basics, such as how to position your fingers and a few simple picking patterns. In this lesson, Fuller teaches you a more intermediate picking pattern to take things up a notch. Tuning To get the exact sound Fuller is getting in this […]

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Alt Voicings - D - Video Still

Alternate Chord Voicings – Key of D

In this lesson, Bradford walks through several alternate voicings of common chords in the key of D. These voicings will allow you to move more quickly between chords, and they sound a little more open and natural, especially on acoustic. Standard chords in D Typically, you would play chords in A using these voicings: While […]

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