Firmware 3.70 – Line 6 HX Patch Bundle


Our Firmware 3.70 bundle includes seven patches based on Line 6’s firmware 3.70 release for HX units.

This bundle includes patches for Helix and HX Stomp based on the following new amp models:

  • Carillon
  • Kinetic
  • Aristocrat
  • Clarity
  • Mars 2203
  • Oblivion
  • Voltage
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To celebrate the release of Firmware 3.70 for Line 6 HX devices, we’ve put together a bundle of seven patches featuring all new amp models and effects. Each of these patches is fully featured and set up for both Stomp and Snapshot modes (NOTE: Snapshots are not included in HX Stomp patches). All patches in this bundle featured stock cabs utilizing the latest Line 6 cab engine.


The ‘Carillon’ amp model is an original design from Line 6 that is EL84 based. Immediately you might think of an AC30 when you play this amp, but this one is a much more versatile amplifier than many similar designs.


The ‘Kinetic’ model from Line 6 is described as ‘Dynamic’. We couldn’t agree more – this one is extremely touch sensitive with some beautiful tones on tap. Gain it up and use your volume control to get a wide range of tones, or set it clean and push it with effects. This one sounds great doing just about everything.


The ‘Aristocrat’ is a Line 6 original amp model that leans in the direction of Dumble type tones. It’s big and clean if you want it, yet very dynamic with some great overdriven tones as well.


‘Clarity’ is a pristinely clean Line 6 original amp model. This one stays clean throughout almost the entire gain range of the amp, but sound great when pushed into overdrive and distortion with drive pedals.

MARS 2203

The ‘Brit 2203’ model is a Marshall JCM800. There is no ‘clean tone’ in this amp. If you’re looking for 80’s and 90’s rock, this is it.


‘Oblivion’ is a Line 6 original high gain amp model. We’ve set up this patch with versatility in mind, though. You’ll get a very pristine clean tone (courtesy of the Jazz Chorus amp model), but most of the tones found here are heavy. Really, really heavy.


‘Voltage’ is a Line 6 original amp model that leans toward rock tones, but it can still get nice and clean.


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