Surrounded (Fight My battles) – Multitrack

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Full multitrack for ‘Surrounded (Fight My Battles)’ by Worship Tutorials (originally recorded by Upper Room). You get multiple keys and four different suggested arrangements. See below for the video demo of the full arrangement and more information about everything that’s included.

Multitrack produced by Chris Sligh

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What you get with your purchase of this Worship Tutorials Multitrack:

  1. .ZIP Files for selected keys (see above).
  2. Instrument stems for all the individual instruments used in the recording.
  3. Click and Cue/Guide tracks to keep you and your musicians on track.
  4. Suggested arrangement folders – quick start mixes to get you started
  5. Reference mp3’s with lead vocals

This allows you to use this multitrack in a wide variety of environments.


  • Song Title: Surrounded (Fight My Battles)
  • Originally recorded by: Upper Room
  • Keys: C (high male), Bb, A
  • Tempo: 68.5 bpm, 4/4 time
  • Multitrack Produced by: Chris Sligh


Worship Tutorials multitracks come in three ‘styles’: Re-Arrangement, Full Production, and Organic. ‘Organic’ multitracks are produced with a smaller band in mind and contain less instrumentation than an original artist release might. They work great in smaller, more intimate environments.

Tracks (stems) included:

  • Click
  • Cues
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • BGV’s
  • Gang Vox
  • Lead Vocals
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Percussion
  • Electric Guitar 1
  • Electric Guitar 2
  • Keys
  • Piano
  • Pads

All files are WAV files.


With this multitrack you get four different arrangements suited for different style. These arrangements are simply different groupings of the stems from the full multitrack. Each arrangement includes a reference file in the download. They are:

Full Arrangement

This is the full track using all the stems – the same as the demo video above

‘Fleshed Out’ arrangement

This arrangement contains slightly less instrumentation than the full arrangement

‘Stripped Down’ arrangement

With slightly less instrumentation than the ‘fleshed out’ arrangement, this one is great for bands with just a few instrumentalists.

‘Acoustic’ arrangement

If it’s just you and a guitar, or if you want to create a really intimate moment inside of a set, the acoustic arrangement is perfect.

NOTE: you are certainly free to mix and match stems to suit your individual needs. We’ve provided these arrangement groupings just to get you going quickly or to inspire new ideas.

Practice Tracks

This download includes “Practice Tracks” for each individual instruments. These tracks include a click and cue track panned left, the full mix panned right, and the individual instrument panned center and much louder than the backing. They allow musicians to single out parts and learn them more effectively.


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