Tyler HM-30 – Quad Cortex Captures and Presets


Captures and presets of our Tyler HM-30 amplifier. Available in the Cortex app (labeled ‘WT Ty HM 30’)


The HM30 is Tyler’s take on the classic C-30 design from Matchless. It features two channels, a 12ax7 channel that is reminiscent of the brilliant channel of an AC30, and an EF86 channel that is thicker with more gain. Our HM30 features a ‘Ten Twelve’ closed back cabinet that has a ten inch Eminence speaker and a twelve inch Celestion G12H30 speaker.

We’ve captured both channels of the amp mic’d with a Royer 121 and Earthworks SR25 through a stereo Neve 1073 preamp.

Download these captures and presets for free on the Cortex app – these are called ‘WT Ty HM 30’


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