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Linc Brew (Plexi) – Artist Series Line 6 Helix Patch

$5.99 $4.99

Line 6 Helix artist series patch inspired by Lincoln Brewster, based on the Marshall Plexi amp. Premium Tone Junkie IR Cab included! You get two different patches – one using an IR Cab by Tone Junkie (included), and the other using stock cabs.

MATCH JMP – Line 6 Helix Patch


P&W patch for the Line 6 Helix based on the Matchless DC-30 Jumped amp model. Free premium Tone Junkie IR Cabs included! We’ve also included a stock cab version as well, and you get versions voiced for single coils and humbuckers.

Bass Man Line 6 POD HD500x Patch

Suggested Price: $0.99

A versatile rhythm patch based on the Bassman amp. This patch can go from clean to driven to ambient. See below for details on what effects can be used to create different sounds.

To download this patch for free, just enter $0 in the price field. If you’d like to leave a tip, we appreciate it!

Here is a sound sample in a full mix – both guitar parts are using this patch:


Blessed Assurance – Worship Tutorials – Chord Charts

$1.99 $0.00

Artist: Worship Tutorials Studios
Album: Worship Sessions, Vol. 4
Keys included: All Keys. Album key is D – male.

Reckless Love – Song setup and spiritual direction


FREE DOWNLOAD: This PDF document contains a script you can use in a congregation worship setting to set up and lead people into singing Reckless Love by Cory Asbury. Feel free to use this verbatim, or tweak it to fit your church.

I Surrender All – Traditional chart kit

Suggested Price: $1.99

Arrangement: Traditional/Hymn
Keys included: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G

For a male vocal, try key of C, D, or E. For female, try G, A, or B.

This chart kit is free. To download for free, just enter ‘0’ in for the price. You are also welcome to leave a donation. The suggested donation price is $1.99.

Pads 8 – Wondrous Pads


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Pads 8 (Wondrous Pads). The sound of glory and wonder, available with the push of a button. We designed Pads 8 (Wondrous Pads) to sound warm and lush without getting in the way of other instruments in the mix. They move just enough to create a sense of space and atmosphere, but not so much that they draw too much attention to themselves. They’re warm and they’re bright all at the same time, and in just the right ways. Pads 8 are perfect for most any style of worship, and they’ll help take your worship experiences to the next level.

Includes all 12 major keys and not progression specific – no click track necessary. All 12 files included, plus additional high/low files for selected keys

The previews above are 3 minute samples. The actual files are 20 minutes long each.

AC30 FREE – Line 6 POD Go Patch


A free (premium) Line 6 POD Go patch featuring the Vox AC30 amp model and a premium Tone Junkie IR cab (included for free)


Archigator Helix Patch Pack // 3 patches in one pack

$14.97 $7.99

A 3-patch pack for the Line 6 Helix. Includes patches based on the PRS Archon and Line 6 Litigator (Dumble style) amps, and a dual-amp patch with both. Premium Tone Junkie IR included!

Specifically dialed in for worship music, and designed to be used in either stomp or snapshot mode. We’ve included both stock and IR patches.

Setup Guide for Electric Guitar (Online Course)


A great setup will allow your guitar to play at it optimum level. Learn how to perform a setup on any electric guitar with our step-by-step easy to follow guide.


I Have Decided To Follow Jesus – Chord Chart Kit

$1.99 $0.00

Artist: Worship Tutorials Studios
Album: Worship Sessions, Volume 4
Keys included: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G (album key is C – male)

On the album, the song is in C (male). For male vocalists, try key of B, C, or D. For female vocalists, use E, F, or G.

Swells – Line 6 HX Stomp Patch


Swells for the Line 6 HX Stomp – the ultimate patch for ambience.

AC30 Pitch – Line 6 Helix Patch


Line 6 Helix patch based on the Vox AC30 amp model, including a premium Worship Tutorials IR. Includes multiple drive, delay, reverb, and modulation options, and the new polyphonic pitch blocks from firmware 3.0.

There are three patches included: one voiced for single coils, one for humbuckers, and one with a stock Helix cab.

It Is Well With My Soul – Chord Charts


Artist: Worship Tutorials // Traditional
Keys included: All Keys. Original key (in the videos) is D (male)

Guide for Effective Rehearsals


This guide will cover some basic ‘big-picture’ ideas to consider when thinking about rehearsals as well as a detailed rehearsal structure that you can implement in your church. We pray that this helps you and your teams at your church build community and effectively prepare for Sunday services.


Raise a Hallelujah – Bethel Music – Line 6 Helix Patch

$5.99 $4.99

Line 6 Helix patch for the song Raise a Hallelujah by Bethel Music. Organized into snapshots, you can get the sounds from the album at the push of a button. Includes two premium Tone Junkie IR Cabs for free.