Favorite Effects Free Pack – Line 6 Helix, HX Stomp, HX Effects


A free effects library of our favorite effects blocks from the Helix, HX Stomp, and HX Effects. Utilizing the new ‘Favorites’ feature from firmware 3.50



You must upgrade your Helix, HX Stomp, or HX Effects to firmware version 3.50. Also make sure that HX Edit is updated to 3.50 as well.

With firmware 3.0, Line 6 has introduced the ‘Favorites’ feature. This allows you to save individual effects that can be recalled in any patch. This download includes a collection of our favorite effects and settings – compression, delays, reverbs, drives, modulation, and pitch effects. You can import these ‘favorites’ into your hardware and then use them in any patch.

Reverbs and delays are dialed in to be used post (after) the amp/cab blocks. If you use them in front of an amp block, you will probably want to adjust the mix parameters.

We hope you love using these effects as much as we do – have fun!


  1. Connect your Helix/Stomp/HX Effects to your computer using a USB Cable
  2. Download and instal the ‘HX Edit’ app from Line 6 (version 3.0 or higher)
  3. In the ‘HX Edit’ app, drag and drop the files (.fav) into the ‘Favorites’ (on the top left side)
  4. You can now add these favorites into any patch you’d like
  5. NOTE: If the effect is grayed out in HX effects, it means you do not have enough available DSP to add it to the patch.



  • ‘DLX Comp Subtle’ – Deluxe Comp set for subtle compression


  • ‘KOT – Yellow’ – Heir Apparent (Prince of Tone) set to mimic Bradford’s King of Tone, yellow side
  • ‘808 – Push’ – Scream 808 – Tube screamer set to push an amp or other drives into more overdrive
  • Plumes – Mid Drv – Based on the Earthquaker Plumes (808 style drive)
  • EQD Life – Based on the Earthquaker Life (fuzz)
  • EQD Boost – Based on the boost from the Earthquake Life


  • ‘Chorus – L6 ST’ – Chorus – Stereo chorus
  • ‘Trem ST’ – Stereo tremolo
  • 4V Chorus ST – Stereo chorus
  • FlexVibe ST – Stereo Vibe


  • ‘1/8d Vintage Dig – Vintage Digital – dotted 8th delay (in stereo)
  • ‘1/8d+1/8 Dual’ – Dual delay – 1/8th note and dotted 8th note in stereo
  • Helio-Ambient – New for Firmware 3.15
  • ADT Texture 1 – New for Firmware 3.15
  • XCross 1/4+1/8d – New for Firmware 3.15


  • ‘Plate Basic’ – Plate Verb (legacy) – subtle plate reverb in stereo
  • ‘Glitz Cloud’ – Glitz Verb – Ambient cloud type reverb in stereo
  • ‘Dyn Hall Big’ – Ambient reverb using the Dynamic Hall (our favorite reverb from Line 6)
  • ‘Dyn Hall Small’ – A subtle hall reverb
  • ‘Dyn Hall Wash’ – Huge and bright reverb designed to be used as an ambient wash
  • Dyn Plate Subtle – Subtle plate reverb (New for FW 3.15)
  • Hallelujah Plate – Dynamic plate big (New for FW 3.15)
  • Shimmer 1 – New for FW 3.15
  • Anti Shimmer – New for FW 3.15


  • ‘Dual Pitch POG’ – Dual Pitch (monophonic) – POG type setting
  • ‘PLYPitch Ramp Up’ – Poly Pitch – Octave up poly pitch with ramp up/down
  • ‘Poly Pitch Up’ – Poly Pitch – Octave up poly pitch without ramping
  • ‘Pitch Up Subtle’ – Poly Pitch – Octave up poly pitch without ramping, less mix
  • ‘Poly Whammy +12’ – Poly Whammy, +12 steps
  • ‘Poly Whammy +5’ – Poly Whammy. +5 steps
  • OctoDown – Based on the Boss OC-2 Octaver (-1 Octave)


Version 3.0: 2022-02-08

  • Added effects from the Firmware 3.15 update

Version 2.0: 2021-04-30

  • Added: Dynamic Hall Reverb Favorites (requires firmware 3.10)

Initial Release (1.0): 2020-11-19


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