Exclusive membership that grants you unlimited access to all amp based patches, presets, profiles, etc that we make in 2022. See all the available and upcoming products included.

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This exclusive membership grants you access to all amp-based presets released within a full calendar year, for all available platforms. For the remainder of 2022 (beginning June 2022), we will commit to making at least 20 more amp-based presets and packs, for a total of at least 25 products for 2022. For the full list of products available with this membership, click here.

NOTE: Click the link above to see what patches are available now – only those patches under the ‘2022 AMP LIST & DOWNLOADS’ heading are available for download now. The remaining patches will be delivered throughout the rest of the year at the rate of about one patch every one to two weeks. Members will be emailed when a new patch drops.


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