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Awake My Soul – Chris Tomlin (Feat. Lecrae) – Resource Page

This song is featured on Tomlin’s Burning Lights album and features an awesome rap by Lecrae. The subject of Lecrae’s rap comes straight from Ezekiel 37:1-14 (Valley of Dry Bones), and it fits well with the song as a whole. If you can pull off the rap, it’s a very, very cool element to put in your worship services. If not, you can easily shorten the rap section and make it an instrumental section if you’d like.

Man of Sorrows (Worship Tutorials Studios) – Tutorial

In this tutorial, Fuller walks through how to play the Worship Tutorials version of Man of Sorrows. Buy the Song This tutorial follows our arrangement, which you can preview and purchase below. [fourcol_three][/fourcol_three] [fourcol_one_last][button link=”″]Add to Cart ($0.99)[/button] [button link=”″ size=”small” window=”yes”]Buy from iTunes ($0.99)[/button] [button link=”” size=”small”]More buying options[/button] [/fourcol_one_last] [divider] Chords We are…