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EV53 TM – Line 6 HX Patches (Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go)


Line 6 HX patches featuring our EVH 5150 iii amplifier. For these patches, we’ve tone matched the Line 6 hardware to the actual amplifier, resulting in patch that sounds almost exactly like the amp.

Includes patches for Helix, HX Stomp, and POD Go


Greatsell 17 – Tone Match Presets and Captures


Line 6, Fractal, Kemper, TONEX, and Headrush Prime presets based on an original Goodsell Super 17

Available for:

  • Line 6 Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go
  • Fractal Axe-FX III, FM3, and FM9
  • TONEX and Amplitube
  • Headrush Prime
  • Kemper (Profiler and Stage)

Fender Amps – Line 6 HX Tone-Match Patch Bundle (Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go)


Our Fender Amps Tone-Match bundle includes five patches based on our collection of vintage and sought-after Fender. Purchased separately, these patches would cost $74.95.

This bundle includes Tone-Match patches for Helix, HX Stomp, and POG Go (all five patches are included for all platforms) for the following amps:

  • Vintage 1963 Fender Bassman
  • Vintage 1967 Fender Vibrolux
  • Vintage 1965 Fender Princeton (non reverb)
  • Fender/Alessandro ’65 Deluxe Reverb Re-issue
  • Fender ’64 Princeton Reverb Hand-Wired Re-Issue