Regal Bass – Line 6 HX Bass Presets


Presets based on the Noble Bass Preamp model in the Line 6 HX Devices

Available for: Line 6 Helix, HX Stomp


We are using this preset on HX Stomp for this song play through

REGAL BASS PRESET – Your all-in-one Sunday bass patch


This download includes one patch which will load on HX Stomp and Helix. This patch does not work on Pod Go. The Pod Go has its own unique OS.


  1. Input
  2. Compressor
  3. Parametric EQ
  4. Pitch
  5. Thrifter Fuzz
  6. Obsidian 7000
  7. Regal Bass DI
  8. Output

This patch was made on an HX Stomp. We’ve noticed that seems to be a common piece of equipment bass players use as an all-in-one piece of gear or to supplement other pedals. Because of the size of the patch it will drop right into a Helix with no problems. At this time there is no Regal DI in the Pod Go so we are not able to offer it for that unit right now.


We have assigned the pitch, Thrifter Fuzz and Obsidian 7000 to foot-switches. Using any of the various combinations of these effects will give you a wide array of sounds.

Using all 3 will give you a synth-bass type tone and is great for killing almost all attack but still keeping energy.

We also used a split path to lend the fuzz and distortion into the clean sound. Often using dirt pedals on bass means you lose low-end. Bass players  go to great lengths and spend lots of money to blend their dry signal with drives to maintain the integrity of the low-end. The incredible flexibility, however, means we can VERY easily do it all with in the HX units.

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Line 6 (Helix, HX Stomp)


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