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Hillsong Artist Series Line 6 HX Stomp Patch


Line 6 HX Stomp artist patch inspired by Hillsong Worship, based on the AC30 and Matchless DC30 amps. It includes delay, reverb, and drive. You also get premium IR Cabs (included free). Also includes additional patches with every effect block from the full Helix version of this patch.


Holy Grail – Acoustic IR Pack


This Acoustic IR pack captures the incredible tone of Brian’s McPherson® Camrielle. These IR’s can be used in any hardware or app that accepts .wav IR files. Get the sound of a world class mic’d acoustic guitar direct. Includes multiple acoustic pickup options to accommodate a wide range of acoustic guitars and pickups.

These are meant to make your acoustic guitar sound incredible. They are not designed to make an electric guitar sound like an acoustic.

New in version 3.0: Taylor Expression System IR options.

AC30 FREE – Fractal FM3 Preset


Fractal FM3 preset based on the Vox AC30 amp, 100% free. Includes mutliple drive, reverb, delay, and modulation options with optimized button mapping for Fractal’s FC Controllers. We’ve included multiple patches voiced for both single coils and humbuckers.


Brad’s Patch – Artist Series Line 6 Helix Patch


The official Bradford Mitchell artist patch for the Line 6 Helix. Accept no substitutes. When Brad takes you to tone town on the Helix, he does so with this patch. Unfortunately, Brad’s biceps are not included.

Tone Junkie premium IR included! You get two different patches – one using an IR Cab by Tone Junkie, and the other using stock cabs.

Pads 10 – Luminous Pads


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Pads 10 (Celestial Pads). Instant atmosphere and ambience, available with the push of a button. We wanted Pads 10 to evoke a sense of hope, and we think they sound like a light shining into a dark place.

Includes all 12 major keys and not progression specific – no click track necessary. All 12 files included, plus additional high/low files for selected keys

The previews above are 3 minute samples. The actual files are 20 minutes long each.

See A Victory – Line 6 Helix Patch


Line 6 Helix patch for the song ‘See A Victory’ by Elevation Worship, including premium IR cabs. Organized into snapshots, you can get the sounds from the album at the push of a button.

ACG + PADS – Line 6 Helix Patch


Line 6 Helix patch for ambient Pads (all generated from the built in Helix effects), with separate processing for acoustic guitar. You can use this patch to generate ambient Pads in all 12 major keys.


WT SUPREME – Line 6 HX Tone Match Patches (Helix, HX Stomp)


Line 6 Helix and HX Stomp patch featuring a Matchless Chieftain and Vox AC30/6 Top Boost in stereo. For this patch, we’ve tone matched the Helix to the actual amplifiers, resulting in patch that sounds almost exactly like the amps. Includes custom made Impulse responses, options for single coil and humbucker guitars, stomp-box and snapshot layouts, and more.

Texas Star – Line 6 Helix Patch


Line 6 Helix patch based on the Mesa Boogie Lonestar amp model. Includes premium IR cabs. Includes multiple drive, delay, reverb, and modulation options.

There are three patches included: one voiced for single coils, one for humbuckers, and one with a stock Helix cab.