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Plexi – Kemper Performance


An all purpose Kemper Performance using profiles from the Tone Junkie Plexi SL pack (profile of a Marshall Plexi). Designed to be used with the Kemper Remote or Kemper Stage, this performance includes multiple drive, delay, reverb, and modulation options.


Fender Amps – Fractal Tone-Match Patch Bundle (Axe-FX III, FM3, FM9)

Original price was: $74.95.Current price is: $54.99.

Our Fender Amps Tone-Match bundle includes five presets based on our collection of vintage and sought-after Fender. Purchased separately, these patches would cost $74.95.

This bundle includes Tone-Match presets for Axe-FX III, FM3 and FM9 (all five presets are included for all platforms) for the following amps:

  • Vintage 1963 Fender Bassman
  • Vintage 1967 Fender Vibrolux
  • Vintage 1965 Fender Princeton (non reverb)
  • Fender/Alessandro ’65 Deluxe Reverb Re-issue
  • Fender ’64 Princeton Reverb Hand-Wired Re-Issue

Revelation Song – Chart Kit – Kari Jobe arrangement


Arrangement: Kari Jobe – Majestic
Keys included: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G
Listen in iTunes

On the album, the song is in D which I would describe as a high female key. For a male lead, use E, F, or G (even A for a high male lead).

This song is in what is called the Myxolydian mode. It actually switches to the Dorian mode during the solo. Basically, this means the chords aren’t the typical chords in the key. The Myxolydian mode uses a flat 7th (instead of a natural 7th), and the Dorian mode adds a flat 3rd (instead of a natural 3rd). In both modes, the 5th is minor rather than major.

Motion Pads, Vol. 2


Our Motion Pads products are similar to our PADS products, but with a chord progression.  Play Motion Pads underneath any type of spoken word or contemplative elements of your worship service. Any time you want to bring in an element of ambience or emotion.

All 12 files included. Vol. 2 tempo: 79bpm

The previews above are short samples. The actual files are ~20 minutes minutes long each