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MARS 74x TM – Fractal Tone Match Presets (Axe-FX III, FM3, FM9)

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Fractal tone match presets featuring ou rMojotone 18w (Marshall 1974x clone) amplifier. For these presets, we’ve tone matched the Fractal amp models to the actual amplifier, resulting in patch that sounds almost exactly like the amp.

Includes presets for Axe-FX III, FM3, and FM9.

Revelation Song – Kari Jobe – Fractal Axe-FX III Preset


Fractal Audio Axe-FX III Preset for the song ‘Revelation Song’ by Kari Jobe. Includes scenes to replicate the different song sections and custom per-preset mapping and overrides for use with the Fractal FC-12. The preset is stock (no 3rd party IR’s required), and includes options for both single coil and humbucker equipped guitars. Updated for Cygnus firmware.